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Siemens' indirect procurement in control with Mendix support

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Siemens is currently using several low-code applications developed with Mendix. Also, the Siemens-wide indirect procurement department is now using Mendix for their globally used application. As maintenance is quite a job, we joined forces to relieve Siemens with Mendix-support. This way, Siemens can focus on innovation and further development!

About Siemens AG

Siemens AG is a technology company that focuses on industry, infrastructure, transport, and healthcare. From resilient supply chains to smart buildings and networks. Siemens create technology with purpose adding real value for customers. By combining the real world and the digital world, customers are empowered to transform their industries and markets.


One of the Mendix applications of Siemens is Gloris 2.0. This app tracks and reports the supply chain actions for goods that are part of the indirect materials. This application is crucial for providing the transparency to track and evaluate the performance of SCM (supply chain management) activities. Siemens colleagues are fully focused on further developments and lack time to take care of incident management. This is where our support team comes in!

Working with the Incentro team is a satisfying experience. Everything is organized and implemented in a very professional manner. Changes and bugs are always treated with the respective priority. Besides the professional know-how, working with the team is always lots of fun and we feel highly valued as customers!

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Our goal? To relieve Siemens and its project team as much as possible. Our approach: we keep an eye on the change requests of the customer, market developments and have dedicated support engineers who are in control, show ownership, and act proactively. 

This way we provide 24/7 quality support. This way, the project team and the customer can focus on creating value. 

To make application management run as smoothly as possible, we took four steps:

  1. A functional and technical intake

  2. Knowledge sharing within the team

  3. An analysis report with findings of the application

  4. And advice for the management

Within just two weeks, our support team was ready to handle the first service requests.


Attention and mutual coordination are extremely important in a good support partnership. Therefore, we treat the business and the application as if they were our own. With an Incentro support team, you can expect the following:

  • Quick and accurate response to issues

  • Clear communication about status and progress 

  • Prioritization of issues

  • Ability to provide additional support when needed

  • A proactive partner who understands the business needs

  • One point of contact

  • We work based on SLA agreements

  • Quality assurance through proactive monitoring

We are very proud to take care of the management of Mendix. Siemens is a solid partner with lots of Mendix knowledge and that shows in their service requests. This makes the collaboration very nice and challenging for our IT-consultants.

Sebastiaan SchultzConsultant at Incentro
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