Your customer’s expectations are rising, and digital developments are more rapid than ever. How do you ensure IT facilitates a frictionless customer experience? Omnichannel Technology is the answer!

Your customer’s expectations are rising, and digital developments are more rapid than ever. How do you ensure IT facilitates a frictionless customer experience? Omnichannel Technology is the answer!

Shiny self-service portals, a fluid shopping experience across devices as well as in stores, smart HR apps for your team, and artificial intelligence that eats personalization for breakfast. You know better than most that digital developments are washing over us at an alarming rate. The result? Increased expectations on the consumer’s end. And those expectations are immediately passed down to IT by your business colleagues. Because only IT can ensure a frictionless customer (and employee) experience. How do you sustainably facilitate these? Keep reading to find out.

Your omnichannel technology probably stems from a long time when all IT solutions were nicely bundled in a single package. Your E-commerce system, CMS, webshop, and products were part of one big e-commerce platform. This worked back then, when your customers knew how to find your physical store or webshop. But new touchpoints keep popping up nowadays, and your landscape becomes ever more complex. The old ways do not suit the flexibility you need to play into business opportunities. 

Would you like to add new touchpoints and innovative tools to your platform, thus improving your customer journey? To construct an online loyalty program, for instance, or to A/B-test with personalization? With your current solution, you are probably running into some issues.

It either takes way too long to develop and implement new services, making them obsolete before they even launch. Or your architecture has become so ridiculously convoluted that your IT department is mostly busy stitching systems together. Not to mention the performance. Be honest. It’s unsustainable. And it’s time for a mindset change. Hit the music!

That change is about the way you treat your architecture. We firmly believe in dismantling the package deal and breaking your platform into individual components. With Composable Architecture, you build a robust IT kernel. You can freely add services to this kernel when you need them to make use of business opportunities. 

Think about tools for out-of-home advertising or an Amazon marketplace added to your webshop. All of this comes forth from a modular best-of-breed approach. Meaning: the best possible solution for each added touchpoint and the ability to change components when needed.

Right, that’s enough words for your IT crossword puzzle. Time for a practical example. Let’s compare your IT architecture with an iPhone. The basic design is nearly identical for all iPhone users, but their layouts are different simultaneously. Adding and removing apps is a piece of cake. Each component can be changed to taste. Best-of-breed does exactly the same.

The best part? You will be extremely flexible. Your architecture easily adapts to the expectations of the business and the consumers. Now, and in ten years. Because sure, it is crucial to take chances today. But don’t forget about the future! Sustainability is a high-priority topic to us. It is important for you, your business, and the whole world to produce sustainable architecture rather than one that needs replacing in five years time. If you don’t, you will repeatedly run into the same issues.

Are you still swiping your credit card to revamp your old e-commerce platform? Or would you like a rigorous fresh start? Wherever you are in your process, we’re here to help you work towards a composable architecture. One that supports your customer (and employee) experience

Maybe you’re not sure where to start, or perhaps you have been talking to vendors. A difficult task, especially given the sheer amount of IT solutions out there. Fret not; we would love to be your implementation partner! 

It would be a wise choice. One that ensures all components function as intended and one that prevents your architecture from sprawling. Based on years of experience, we can completely map out your requirements so that you truly understand what you need and choose the right vendor or solution.

How do we do this? We always start with a two-week basecamp. During this time, we map out the short- and long-term requirements, draft your technical architecture, and organize in-depth demos with prospective vendors. 

YOU are the central focus during this time. And there is always a team member present that will work on the solution. We challenge your needs because we know what the market is like. And between you and me, each vendor’s salesperson always promises their product is the right fit for you. After these two weeks, we make a well-informed, sustainable decision and start the implementation process.

We can keep it brief here. A future-proof architecture allows you to seize opportunities for your organization flexibly. One that will enable you to integrate new touchpoints or innovations that optimize your customer journey. Enjoy a rock-solid performance, and focus on development rather than maintenance. 

Curious about practical examples? Please read about GrandVision, where we built one commerce platform for all their worldwide labels. Or read about the B2B platform we built for Nieuwkoop Europe, servicing over 20 countries.

With these partners, we build awesome digital solutions