You know the situation: you call customer service and end up being put on hold. Before you know it, you are listening to a piano tune for ten minutes while paying by the minute. Nobody is asking for this, and your customers certainly aren't! Fortunately, you can avoid this with a voicebot. A voicebot 'collects' customers and immediately connects them to the right person.

The same goes for the customer service of your e-commerce solution or website. A chatbot answers the simple questions that customers have, leaving your employees time to deal with the more complex issues. 

Chatlayer is a user-friendly platform for everyone. Thanks to the extensive language options and omnichannel approach, your customers can easily interact with your brand anywhere, anytime. This equals happy customers. In addition, the platform is easy to manage on the back end through simple dashboards. Which leads to happy employees.

As Chatlayer experts, we are happy to help with the implementation and have all the knowledge to guide your employees through the process. After implementation, you not only have a voice- or chatbot, but also a team that understands the key performance indicators. This way, you keep improving the experience until the bot can handle any question you can think of. 

With Chatlayer as a partner, we take companies on their journey of automating customer service. In doing so, we ensure that not only the customer is at the center, but also the people in and around the organization. This ensures that automating customer service mainly relieves them, but does not completely replace them.

Is your organization ready to scale up and future-proof its customer service? Now is the time to implement Chatlayer and optimize your customer service.