What do customers think of your online channel? Does it correspond with what the customer would expect in a physical store? And do they get the answers to their questions?

Are you having difficulty answering these questions? Understandable, but the opinion of the end user is extremely important. And by providing insight into their viewpoint, we can build applications that really add value.

The Insocial platform is the perfect tool to find the answers. With Insocial you can test the value of experiences of a user, at any moment in the customer journey. This can be achieved by using simple five-point scales or by asking open questions with automatic sentiment determination.

All this valuable feedback is then translated into a dashboard full of useful insights. Concrete KPIs (such as the NPS) can now easily reveal specific pain points and make customer satisfaction accessible to all departments. This not only applies to your workplace, but serves as social proof on your website as well! Whether it's brand, customer or service experience, everything can easily be found in one platform.

We don't just start building an application. We first validate whether it is really a solution. If there is not yet a clear picture of the customer’s views, we can provide these insights with Insocial. This also means we can validate our added value afterwards.

Do you also wonder what the end user is struggling with? What works and what doesn't? We would love to help you to answer these questions!