Data-driven optimization at ASICS leads to higher conversion

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Data-driven optimization at ASICS leads to higher conversion

ASICS' message is simple: movement is good for the body and mind. And, of course, the more people you can reach with this message, the better. But how do you succeed in that? The answer is Conversion Rate Optimization, executed by the best IT consultants in the Netherlands. Read more on our approach, the process, and how we've generated over a million in additional revenue each year.


At ASICS, they believe in the positive effects of physical activity and fitness. Their goal? To support more people in experiencing the transformative power of movement on the body and mind.

ASICS is a determined company committed to taking its conversion to new heights. They have a backlog of numerous improvements but need more time to validate and implement them.

They wanted to bring in-house expertise and establish an intelligent, data-driven approach. That's where we came in to complete their Optimization Team.


Incentro's consultants are chameleons; from day one, they blend in wonderfully with my in-house team. I've learned a lot from them, had laughs with them, and I'll miss them one by one when they leave!

Rick HovingManager at Asics

The process from idea to implementation and testing may sound simple, but it involves many facets. Therefore, we've defined the following steps, allowing us to work in a structured and data-driven manner.

In the image below, you can see the steps and how it's a process where you start over at step one each time.


The process begins with collecting clean and reliable data; the foundation for a data-driven approach. But before we could obtain this data, we had to take a closer look under the hood of the platform. Through a close collaboration with ASICS Global and EMEA teams, we quickly identified issues. This allowed us to resolve architectural problems, ensuring we could trust the data.

The first phase: website analysis

ASICS searched for a partner who could derive value from the Contentsquare tool. And, as luck would have it, we have experience with it. Contentsquare allows us to analyze an entire website for user behavior, including aspects as friction and bounce rate.

Contentsquare enables us to extract user insights from a website quickly. What would typically take days or weeks is now a matter of hours or minutes. This was one of the ways we uncovered areas for improvement.

The second phase: A/B testing

With the insights from Contentsquare, we began A/B testing. The tests involved different variations of a page or element among visitors. On the website, we divided visitors, so one group sees the 0-variant, and the other sees the 1-variant. The 0-variant is the current design, and the 1-variant includes an optimization. We collected this data in Contentsquare, allowing us to see which optimizations had the most effect.


After extensive research, benchmarking, the creation of new designs, and a lot of experiments, we were able to implement several significant improvements:

Discount labels and a different layout

The new design incorporated several best practices: anchoring, social proof, discount reasoning, and labeling. By adding these labels, we saw an increase of a remarkable 8.78% in the number of items added to the shopping cart.

Discount countdown

Users assign more value to items when they are limited in availability. That's why we added a discount countdown to create a sense of scarcity. This increased the conversion by +6.5%.

Attractive USPs on the product detail page

Best practices demonstrate the importance of making your services highly visible on a product page. ASICS also aimed to increase the number of OneASICS memberships. By visually enhancing this USP, the click-through rate increased by almost +80%.

Improved and more attractive product descriptions

Insights from A/B tests showed that users find product descriptions more attractive than the recommendation carousel. Additionally, we discovered that making the product description as visual as possible helped. This optimization resulted in a conversion increase of +5.51%.


User data reveals the key to conversion optimization: no more shotgun approach, but a precise and focused strategy based on insights.

Bas EldersConsultant at Incentro

The result is an optimized user experience based on data, leading to a growth of over 5% in conversion and an impressive one million in additional revenue each year!

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