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What we do

You’ll be ready to face the changes and challenges in this fast-paced world. We won’t just do what you ask. We dive deep into your organization, challenge your ambitions, and constantly bring everything back to the end-users: what do they think, want, and need? That’s how we increase momentum and ensure you really make a difference. Sounds good? We haven’t even mentioned our main asset yet: our people.

The Incentro team always puts a smile on your (inter)face.

Years of experience
Great place to Work
Our way of working

These are the core values of our colleagues. They are not afraid to face a challenge. They persevere and search for constant change. They are tech-savvy and not only challenge your question but constantly think two steps ahead. In other words: everything you need. And that’s what you’ll notice when kick-starting a project with us.

If you ask any of our clients about the collaboration, they’ll definitely tell you about our people. No doubt.

Sounds appealing?

Our culture

Without amazing people, no exceptional results. It shows in our recognition for being a Great Place to Work since 2010. Yes; a full decade. Something we are really proud of. This makes our people happy and our clients even happier.

Karsten Marijnissen
Katrin SalinasKatrin Salinas
Jorge DelgadoJorge Delgado
Manuel PedreroManuel Pedrero
Óscar  HerreroÓscar  Herrero
Ignacio Ordorica
Jonathan Esquinas
Ignacio ToméIgnacio Tomé
Katrin SalinasKatrin Salinas
Álvaro LamadridÁlvaro Lamadrid
Miguel CortésMiguel Cortés
Ángel OrtizÁngel Ortiz
Thijme SchoemakerThijme Schoemaker
Pablo SoriaPablo Soria
Thijs van Diessen
Mojgan Zolghadr
Néstor CortésNéstor Cortés
Jon Larkin AlonsoJon Larkin Alonso
Jesús NavamuelJesús Navamuel
Ángela ArceÁngela Arce
Eva ÁlvarezEva Álvarez
Francisco Javier LópezFrancisco Javier López
Erik van den Berg
Pablo MartínezPablo Martínez
Álvaro RojasÁlvaro Rojas
Andrei NeghinaAndrei Neghina
Carlota Brinquis
Francisco Javier LópezFrancisco Javier López
Valéry Lauer
Emilio EstébanezEmilio Estébanez

We have the ambition to create sustainable growth for our clients, because this enables impact for the long term. We believe in a world where technology helps us perform better, make better decisions and by doing so, make the world a better and sustainable place to live in. That’s what we want for our clients and also our own people. Because it’s the growth of our people that ensures the growth of our clients.

In addition, we are working on a zero carbon footprint. By 2025, our carbon footprint will be declined to zero. Not by compensation, but by reduction.