Commercetools is the “inventor” of headless commerce. It is completely SAAS, headless by design and API-first. In other words, with the help of commercetools you can build a modern and future-proof ecommerce environment with maximum flexibility, agility and scalability.

It provides a set of commerce capabilities in the form of an API. The flexible API-first principle gives you the freedom to model the desired customer experience and you are ready for future developments. You can develop shopping experiences across all digital touchpoints; web, smartphone, POS, voice, AR/VR applications, car.

In a headless architecture, the back-end and front-end are separated from each other, for example, the fulfillment and the check-out. With a headless architecture, all data exchange takes place between API’s or so-called ‘service layers’. The API’s ensure that the data is exchanged between various applications. And the front-end consumes the data via the API and ensures that the data comes together in the desired customer experience.

A headless architecture makes it easier for companies to optimize their webshop and to respond more quickly to changes in the market or customer behaviour. An example is connecting a new digital touchpoint or adding new functionality to your ecommerce environment. Can take months. But you can also fix it in just a few weeks with commercetools. Do you want to know more about headless? Click through to this blog.

Commercetools offers a wide range of standard functionalities by combining the microservices. Think along the lines of Product Catalog, Cart&Order, Promotions and Customer profiles. Furthermore, you can add or build additional microservices. In short, as a company, you are completely free to build the ecommerce landscape you want - without being stuck with (tied to) standard solutions or templates.

Good news, because commercetools is for both B2C and B2B! As a B2C company you constantly have to deal with movements in the market and consumer behaviour. In other words, you need an ecommerce platform that offers the flexibility to make adjustments quickly. After all, a good customer experience is the key to loyalty.

In addition, commercetools is also extremely relevant for B2B, as business customers increasingly expect the same online experience and ease of use that they are used to as consumers. B2B products may sometimes be more complex than B2C, but the customer experience need not be. Easily add new touchpoints, integrate with other systems and sell through third party marketplaces. Thanks to the flexible API architecture, you as a B2B company can link your commerce environment with third-party systems and services with minimal effort.

Like to know more about headless B2B e-commerce? Read our  whitepaper.

Our experienced commerce experts and developers will help you with a flawless implementation of commercetools; during all stages of the process; from design to realisation, from management to optimisation.

Together we develop the desired ecommerce solution based on the business objectives and needs. If desired, we can take the entire process off your hands. With over 26 years of experience, we know what we are doing and have successfully helped many clients.

The transformation to a MACH architecture involves IT, marketing and business teams and requires a well-thought-out strategy and preparation. During the base camp we do deep dives on, for example, the current and desired state of your architecture and infrastructure (data models, integrations, etc.), customer journeys and design.

The result is a shared vision, a defined scope, a detailed technical elaboration, a phased and prioritised roadmap and insight into the expected duration and costs of the project.

Want to learn more about commercetools in real situations? Read our stories about Van Ommen en Nieuwkoop-Europe or contact us!