With commercetools you build on a future-proof, hypermodern commerce platform that is characterized by maximum flexibility, maneuverability and possibility to integrate. Ready for the future!

Headless commerce platform

commercetools is a headless commerce platform where the front end is separate from the back end. The platform allows you to build a fantastic customer experience over all of your digital touchpoints. The flexible API-first architecture ensures that you can interact and sell via web shops, apps, voice assistants, AR and VR applications, social networks, etc. ‘Everywhere Commerce’ is what we call it!

commercetools provides a rich set of standard services (such as PIM, cart, checkout, etc.). Using you own development language you can build additional microservices based on maximum business value and customer experience. In short, you are completely free to build the platform of your dreams where you are not dictated by a standard solution with templates.

Above all, it is a fully cloud platform with extremely good performance. Clients can completely focus on their business and invest in innovation and building new functionality.

Commercetools as a motor for your e-commerce success

Based on your e-commerce and IT strategy, Incentro designs and builds a hypermodern commerce platform where an optimal user experience is combined with a fast time to market, fantastic performance and scalability. With commercetools as an engine for your e-commerce, these are your advantage points:

  1. Maneuverability: You are more than capable of being able to integrate innovation and convert it into beter customer value and therefore more revenue.

  2. No more upgrades: commercetools is constantly updated and new features are immediately available for you. No more expensive upgrade projects!

  3. Collaboration and integrations: A headless commerce architecture is open and allows you to integrate with other organisations on your own platform. Marketplaces!

  4. Multi- or omni channel strategy: You can sell products and services via a webshop, physical stores, social selling, IoT solutions, smart watches or via third parties via one platform

  5. Maximum focus on customer experience: You are completely free to determine how you can boost maximum conversion by offering an attractive user experience. Design your own front end per channel and really put your customers first.

  6. Attracting and retaining IT talent: Choose your state-of-the-art techniques and frameworks for front and back end development and become an attractive IT company for talent.

Become a leader in your own market

Incentro is the partner who, with commercetools, will make you a leader in your market. We combine our creative ability with our technical DNA. We challenge, make you better and make sure that you, the e-commerce manager, hand in hand with IT take over the world. Whatever the constantly evolving e-commerce market will bring, you are ready for a bright future with commercetools and Incentro!