Set the Standard with Hyperautomation

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Quite apart from the fact that it's all complete nonsense. We definitely don't want to play down the promise of all these technologies, however, as a serious player, we feel obliged to keep the narrative realistic, based on our actual experience. By telling you about the growth path that Hyperautomation represents. By running through the steps with you and highlighting their pitfalls. By quantifying the investments you need to make before any benefits become apparent. 

Hyperautomation is a far-reaching IT approach that involves more than just automating individual processes. Gartner has even predicted that Hyperautomation will reduce the operating costs of companies by as much as 30% in 2024. How? Because Hyperautomation connects together a web of complex processes with digital integrations, resulting in a blistering pace of digitalization. And even process control and decision-making in this web can be automated. 


Thanks to breakthroughs in AI, RPA, iPaaS, Process Orchestration and low-code development, we are now seeing the first organizations surge into leading positions in their markets. Any organization experiencing downward pressure on results due to competition, labor shortages or regulations will benefit from Hyperautomation. 

The same applies to organizations that want to scale up quickly. Hyperautomation can resolve bottlenecks in virtually every area of operational management. The result? The ability to offer the ultimate customer experience at minimum operating cost, in combination with maximum profit and a fully optimised business.

  • Efficiency: Employees become more efficient and creative because they experience less stress and have more time to innovatively improve business processes and overall performance.

  • Scalability: The technology is not limited to one process, but integrated throughout the company. This allows rapid adaptation to changing conditions.

  • Performance potential: Hyperautomation brings within reach organizational goals that cannot be achieved with the traditional combination of IT and human resources.

Structure: It is a growth path; there is no comprehensive, off-the-shelf system that can be implemented all at once. It starts with simple task automation, followed gradually by more complex and advanced forms of automation.


Automation is key. Whether it involves a small robot (RPA) that takes over repetitive tasks from your valuable people, integration (iPaaS) for clean data management or all aspects of automating and orchestrating your IT landscape - there is much to be gained here.

Partners in Automation

An ‘Excel from hell’ that you have already worked with for far too long? Missing touch points in your communication with customers or departments? An application to streamline a process once and for all, like a portal? We fix all these issues with the right, smart apps. 

Partners in Apps

Data is your organization's gold mine - provided you handle it the right way. We organize your data, make it accessible and formulate a data strategy that delivers valuable insights. And we deploy ML and AI to achieve jaw-dropping results that exceed human capabilities. 

Our successful Hyperautomation stories

What started as a pilot with Mendix at the end of 2021 quickly became a full-fledged portal for employees and donors. The blood bank Sanquin is transitioning from printed invitations to an online environment where donors can schedule appointments. Convenient for Sanquin and the donors. Read more about this project and how we applied the low-code technology Mendix.