[ContentTypes.pageCase] GrandVision: A cutting-edge web shop platform

GrandVision: a cutting-edge web shop platform


GrandVision is active in more than 40 countries, and has more than 7,000 stores around the world. With store formats like Eye Wish and Pearle, the optical retail giant offers more than 150 million customers specialized eye care, lenses, (sun)glass frames, contact lenses and other products and services.


About GrandVision

Professional eye care is what GrandVision is all about. This world leader in optical retail delivers lenses, contact lenses, frames, sunglasses and optical services to more than 7,000 stores, and online in 44 different countries. Chances are, you’ve already been inside one of this retail giant’s stores, like Pearle, GrandOptical, Vision Express and Eye Wish.

Develop a single webshop platform for all of GrandVision’s store formats

The challenge? A webshop platform for all GrandVision's formats. With a central back-end, where:

  • The chains’ processes can be standardized

  • Maintenance can be centrally regulated

  • And the (web) stores themselves can upscale or add functionalities.

The front-end is a whole different story: we must keep those unconnected. In that way, the different brands can create their own identity and optimize the User Experience (UX) locally.


A three-year global rollout

A big job! The concept rollout to more than 40 countries will probably take until 2021. Four development teams in the Netherlands are working full-time on the platform’s rollout and further development. The first countries to reap the rewards: Portugal, Sweden, and Italy. Our colleagues in Spain are managing the global platform.


The investigation showed, among other things, that the dozens of GrandVision brand shops all must have their own identity. A disconnected front-end gives you that freedom.

Martijn Vrielink[person.position_managing_director] [person.at] Incentro

The result: all eyes on e-commerce!

An over-arching concept that all web shops can link to. Handy, since stores without an online budget can also benefit from this one-off global investment. The goal: 10% of total revenue should come from eCommerce. And the consumers? They get online ordering in return and dazzlingly sharp vision.


I’m proud that we developed everything ourselves, from A to Z. From the design and development to test automation: all the expertise under one roof.

Sam Rinner
Commerce Customer Experience
Jorge Delgado
Martijn Vrielink