Manual for Incentronauts

Incentronauts are highly educated, professional, responsible, and thoughtful types. That is why Incentro works on the basis of trust and autonomy. Therefore, the most important rule within Incentro is “think”. With that rule, we are optimally organized to pursue our goals - all based on happiness.

A manual for Incentronauts seems superfluous. Nevertheless, we decided to keep a concise version of a traditional manual. Sometimes we have to deal with external parties who have rules, such as the law, the tax authorities, and the lease company. Read all our agreements below.

When it comes to the relationship between employer and employee, Dutch law has already arranged a lot for us. So we don't have to say anything about that. To make it easy, we summarized the main impact of these laws in this document. And we indicate where Incentro itself has implemented matters that are not determined by law. Nothing exciting: our main rule is and remains 'think'.

1.1 Pension

In the , everything is already arranged. That’s great! Incentro makes 5% of an employee's pension base available as a pension contribution. The pension basis is the pensionable salary minus the statutory AOW franchise. This is the part of the salary that is covered by the AOW insurance. In 2022, based on the legal bandwidths, this franchise has been set at €14,802. If you want to save or insure more, you can do that at your own expense. In any case, it is wise to be well informed. Our pension adviser Het Pensioenbureau can help you with this. Our Office Managers can send you the details to get in touch. 

1.2 Term of notice

We have the law for terms of notice specifically . This means that the employee has a notice period of a full calendar month. So if you cancel before the end of the month, the following month will be the cancellation period. The notice period from Incentro depends on the duration of your employment. But here too, good consultation is ultimately the basis for a nice farewell.

1.3 Leave of absence

With full employment, you are entitled to 27 days off per calendar year. Further rules on holidays are laid down in . The right to leave in connection with pregnancy, childbirth, adoption and foster care is all regulated by law. See the for this. This also covers care leave.

1.4 Illness

Everything about illness has been laid down in the law. In you can find all the information. An important point during sick leave: think about a number of practical matters. Who should be informed? What must be arranged to prevent things from going wrong due to your sudden absence? In other words, a call or message to the right people. In addition, you must report sick on your first day of illness in AFAS, and report better on your first working day. This way, we ensure that our absenteeism partner does not sound the alarm unnecessarily.

2.1 Public holidays

The law leaves some leeway on how to deal with national holidays. You are free at Incentro on the following National holidays (and therefore do not cost you any vacation days):

  • January 1st New Year's Day

  • Variable Easter Monday

  • April 27th Royal day

  • Variable Ascension Day

  • Variable Whit Monday

  • 25th of December First Christmas Day

  • December 26 Boxing Day

2.2 Flexible holidays

Why should you be obliged to enjoy a free day on one of these national holidays, when you might prefer to be free on another holiday, such as Sugar Fest, Keti Koti, Pride, Diwali, or Chinese New Year? We want you to be able to celebrate what's important to you. 

Hours you write on a national holiday are converted into extra days off that you can use on another holiday earlier or later that year. Provided that you can continue your daily activities as you are used to.

2.3 Special leave

In the event of the death of your partner, your parents, or your children, you are entitled paid leave from the day of death up to and including the day of the funeral. 

In addition, you will receive one day's leave in the event of the death of grandchildren, children of your partner from other relationships, grandparents, great-grandparents, parents-in-law, brothers, sisters, brothers-in-law, and sisters-in-law. 

You will receive one day's leave for the wedding or registered partnership of you, your children, or your parents. Banns (which can often be done electronically these days) and other weddings are at your own expense. 

We see a move as a private matter. You will not get paid leave for this.

2.4 Birth leave (partner leave)

When your child is born, you as a partner are given one week of paid leave (known as 'partner leave', 'birth leave', or 'paternity leave') to enjoy your child. After that, from 1 July 2020, you have the option to take up to 5 weeks of additional leave:

  • The government pays 70% of your salary during this period (this is regulated by law);

  • To make it even more attractive, Incentro also pays your fringe benefits (think of your mobility allowance, your pension contribution, and profit sharing);

  • The exception to the latter is the expense allowance (you don't make extra business expenses, so the tax authorities think something of that).

This additional leave 'costs' you only 30% of your gross salary. There are several conditions attached to this arrangement:

  • The leave must be taken within 6 months after the birth of your child and the maximum is 5 working weeks (regulated by law);

  • If you want to take fewer days, that is of course also possible;

  • You coordinate it in time with your Field Manager.

2.5 Paid parental leave 

When you become a parent, you can take up to 9 weeks of paid parental leave. This gives you time to get used to the new family situation and to make conscious choices about the division of work and care together with your partner. 

  • The government pays 70% of your salary (this is regulated by law);

  • To make it even more attractive, Incentro will continue to pay your fringe benefits (such as your mobility allowance, your pension contribution and profit sharing), just as it does for additional partner leave;

  • The exception to the latter is the expense allowance (you don't make extra business expenses, so the tax authorities think something of that).

This additional leave 'costs' you only 30% of your gross salary. There are several conditions attached to this arrangement:

  • The condition is that you take these 9 weeks in the first year of your child's life (regulated by law);

  • If you want to take fewer days, that is of course possible;

  • You coordinate it in time with your Field Manager.

2.6 Overtime

Overtime is sometimes part of our profession. If you have spent more than 100% of the hours paid for a client in a month, those paid hours will be paid out (100%). If it concerns hours on the weekend, you will be paid 150% of those hours. Working overtime once in a while is fine, but if this becomes structural, something isn't right. It is of no use to anyone if you keep working and working until you are completely burned out. So take action in time if you recognize this, for example by discussing this with your Field Manager. That is also professional behavior.

2.7 Conflicts

No friction, no diamonds. Conflicts occur everywhere and they often contribute to an even better end result. Sometimes not, then the conflict is no longer effective. In those cases, the true professional shows itself in adequately solving the conflict. The single most important rule of conflict resolution is "think". Sometimes it helps to do this together with another colleague. Within Incentro there are many ways in which you can get help in resolving a conflict. Of course, you can contact your own manager. But you don't have to. Choose the person you feel most comfortable with. This can be a consultant, another manager, a branch director, someone from the board, or the Works Council. And if desired, we could even engage an external person.

2.8 Confidant

At Incentro, we treat each other with respect. If you unexpectedly encounter sexual intimidation, aggression, discrimination, or bullying during your work (including with clients or partners), you can discuss this with a confidential adviser. Naturally, a confidential counselor has a duty of confidentiality. Read what our counselor can do for you and how you can get in touch:

2.9 Review

Incentro has a professional review process. Every year you and your manager determine the goals for next year and look back on how things went the past year. In addition, of course, the daily feedback and continuous focus on further professionalization are of great importance. Talk to each other about professionalism, work with balanced feedback and improve one another. 

2.10 Salary

Your salary is transferred every month before the end of the month. The annual salary range (how much will be raised on average) is determined (often collectively) at the branch level. Individual raises are determined by multiple peers, with the director keeping an overview and being able to veto. This only works in a setting where there is a high degree of transparency, be aware of that.

2.11 Privacy

Part of working as a consultant is that you manage our clients' information professionally. You can read how we approach this. Please read this carefully, because as a consultant you will be dealing with this daily.

2.12 Social media

You are perfectly capable of assessing for yourself what is and is not professional to post on social media. We don't need to make agreements about that.

Incentro has several special terms with different goals. Some are designed to reduce our footprint on this planet, others contribute to even greater engagement among ourselves. One thing is the same for all these regulations: they are for everyone. Regardless of whether you are a junior or senior employee, whether you have been employed for a long time or a short time, and how much you earn. The idea behind that is that salary is the way we distinguish market value, and the rest is just the same for everyone. That way we don't get any hidden salary differences and stay transparent. 

3.1 Profit Sharing

Every year Incentro pays out 10% of the annual profit to all employees. Everyone receives this profit share, provided you are still employed in the month of payment (May). In distributing the total amount for profit-sharing, only the percentage of employment and the number of months you were employed in the relevant year are taken into account. The payment date in May has to do with finalizing the financial statements. When that process is completed we can say with certainty how much profit is to be distributed. Want to do a little math already? The profit share is based on the consolidated profit of Incentro International after deduction of income tax. The total amount we reserve for this purpose includes employer and employee contributions that will have to be paid.

3.2 Becoming an owner of Incentro

Every Incentronaut can become a co-owner of Incentro. We introduced this to further increase the feeling of involvement. To make this possible, a 'Stichting Administratie Kantoor' (STAK) has been established, which holds shares in Incentro. The STAK issues certificates, which Incentronauts can buy and sell during trading hours. Incentro deliberately chooses to allow certificate holders to have a say (for example, in the payment of dividends), making it more than just economic ownership.

A lot has to be organized around a system like this. In Google Drive, there is a with all relevant files about the arrangement. It is important to realize that this form of ownership is also a form of investment. Results achieved in the past are no guarantee for the future. Think about this before you decide to participate. And make sure that if you want to buy or sell, you stick to the timelines described.

Would you like to do the math? The value of Incentro is determined by the following formula:

Value Incentro = 5 x (1 x profit of 3 years ago + 2 x profit of 2 years ago + 3 x profit from last year) / 6

3.3 Mobility Plan

Every Incentronaut is eligible for the . We distinguish a number of variants:

  • Leasenie: €450 gross + reimbursement of business travel expenses

  • Lease electric: €780

  • Lease fossil: €740 Please note: In 2025, we want to be CO2 neutral. That is why, as of 1/1/2022, it is no longer possible to order cars that run on fossil fuel. This option will therefore lapse

  • Lease bike: Will be deducted from your leasenie, lease electric, or lease fossil budget

  • Office management: Reimbursement of business travel expenses (car costs € 0.32 p/km)

For further details about mobility:

3.4 NS Business Card

To encourage sustainable mobility, all Incentronauts can receive an NS Business Card. Incentro pays for this, so ask yourself if you are going to use it.

There are no costs associated with the use of this NS Business Card. If you have a leased car, we do expect it to be stationary when you travel by public transport.

Please note: the NS Business Card is only intended for work purposes.

3.5 Pick your own laptop

At Incentro, you take care of your professional laptop equipment. You will receive a budget of € 1700 for this purpose every three years (the amount is without VAT). Again, think carefully about what you need for the next three years to properly do your job. The tax authorities require that you use the laptop for at least 90% of business purposes, otherwise they see it as a form of wage and you have to pay taxes (the invoice must be in the name of Incentro).

Should you ever need specific software to work on behalf of a client, Incentro will of course reimburse the licensing costs. 

We think it is logical that you handle your laptop with care. Should you be negligent (think of a laptop you leave in your car and is consequently stolen), then the costs are for you to cover.

Because it is a device specifically assembled by you, the device is yours should you decide to leave Incentro during the term. You will then be charged the current remaining value of the laptop. Incentro depreciates the laptop on a linear basis over a period of 36 months to a final value of 10%, so the residual value is easy to determine at any time. Should you wish to keep your laptop at the end of the term and take it over yourself, this is of course a possibility.

Incentronauts who do not want to be tied down to anything can opt for a standard laptop. You will then receive a laptop that has not yet been written off and is either on the shelf or a standard Dell laptop if there is no longer one in stock. The office managers are aware of the specifications of a standard laptop.

3.6 Bonus Holidays 

If you want more than 27 vacation days, you can buy up to a maximum of 10 extra vacation days. Unlike part-time employment, this does not affect your profit distribution, your lease allowance, or any other employment-related aspects. After all, your percentage of employment does not change as a result of additional vacation days.

3.7 Home office compensation

You should be able to work from home in a professional manner. Therefore, we provide a budget of 350 euros, excluding VAT, once every three years for furnishing/upgrading your workplace at home. Think of an office chair, desk, and/or a monitor. You may claim this amount for a home office (pick your own).

There are a few minor rules:

  • You must be through your trial period

  • If you purchase something, make sure you have an invoice in the name of Incentro, so we can reclaim the VAT. Submit your invoice via AFAS and state in the comments that it is an expense for your home office

  • The declared remains the property of Incentro. If you leave within 24 months, a pro-rata settlement will apply 

3.8 Sports allowance

If you work hard, sport is often a very useful outlet. In other words, it's good for our health. To encourage this, we have introduced a sports allowance. As long as you are a member of a sports club (think of a soccer club, tennis club, fitness club, etc.), you will receive €10 per month of the contribution reimbursed. You can submit your invoice to your office manager. Your office manager will then arrange for the sports allowance to be included in your paycheck each month. This arrangement will go into effect on 1/4/2021. After one year, we will evaluate and determine if and how to proceed.

3.9 LoonGift

With LoonGift, you can make monthly donations to charity directly from your paycheck. With the tax advantage, you can give more with less money. This way, we can all contribute to a better world. You choose a charity that’s important to you and you decide how much you donate. 100% of your donation goes to the charity or charities of your choice.

As an employer, Incentro pays a small fee to The Social Handshake, the organization behind LoonGift. With this fee, they cover their operational costs. This makes LoonGift a fair and transparent way to donate money to charity: you are in the lead of whether, to what, and how much you donate, charities spend less time and effort in recruiting contributors and The Social Handshake earns its money in a fair way. Win, win, win!

You can read about all the cooperating charities and their stories on that same link.

No handbook can ever be all-sufficient, nor can it give a definite answer to all the occurring circumstances of being an Incentronaut. As such, this is by no means the purpose of this manual. We have to deal with the law, we have had to fill in a few things ourselves, but above all use your common sense. Never let a rule, a procedure, a regulation, or a best practice blindly determine your actions. Think about it.