[ContentTypes.pageCase] B2B Commerce that feels like a B2C web shop

A B2B e-commerce platform that feels like a B2C webshop

A B2B e-commerce platform that feels like a B2C webshop

From twist drill to thread-cutter, and from circular saw to hand-held deburring tool: Van Ommen has a huge range of professional tools and metalworking accessories. It supplies quality products to technical wholesalers and specialized dealers throughout Europe. And although the company has a strong international position in the B2B market, there was still ground to cover online.


A new user-friendly e-commerce platform

It was high time for a new, more customer-friendly eCommerce platform, on which professional tools are conveniently displayed on digital shelves. For wholesalers, resellers and metalworkers who want to order directly from Van Ommen.


We saw that customers wanted to arrive at the right products faster. The ordering process needed to be more comprehensive and easier. That’s why we decided to adjust the user experience and to take customers with us through the process.

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A flexible e-commerceplatform for phantom.eu

With distinctive software that allows the front-end and back-end to remain disconnected from each other. That made it handy for our developers to easily build and add new components. And Van Ommen? It can now further facilitate dealer relationships by simply adding new end-customers to the platform. Then, customers select a local dealer and place their orders. In short: speed, flexibility and even better performance.


An all-around B2B platform that looks like a web shop

Van Ommen was already working with the Phantom eCommerce platform to sell tools directly to machinists. But it was hitting quite a few roadblocks. The legacy system made customization problematic, and it was virtually impossible to conduct upgrades.

High time for a new, more customer-friendly eCommerce platform, where professional tools are readily available. The plan was to focus everything on the user experience. The result was a visually attractive website for dealers and end-users, with a streamlined ordering process that would make even the most seasoned consumer shops green with envy.

And, the icing on the cake: a link to the database that allows dealers who sell Van Ommen products to get their commission.

Finally, the improved navigation, search functionality and advice tools contributed to higher conversion and further international growth.

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Van Ommen wanted to serve both groups optimally, so that was our goal, too

With four developers and one Scrum Master, we researched, designed and implemented the platform in a series of thirteen development sprints. During the Inception phase, we put ourselves into the dealer and the end-customers’ shoes. Van Ommen wanted to serve both groups optimally, so that was our goal, too.

A commerce solution for B2B and B2C

With the new commerce environment, van Ommen is able to deliver not only through the dealers, but also directly to the end customer. All this without losing the commitment of the dealers through a commission arrangement. With this we can increase the turnover at both the dealers and the machining companies, awesome!

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