Our vision

Digital transformation is about more than just IT. Your culture is key to your success. Incentro knows that all too well. Of course, we’ve got the IT covered. But just like you, we needed to take a critical look at our way of working.

Because we know that progress isn’t possible without change. Want a stronger digital position, but don’t know where to start? Perfect. Together, we’ll use insight and technology to place you firmly ahead of the competition.

The road less travelled makes all the difference. We went completely off-road. We tossed our hierarchy out the window, put happiness first and gave our people the freedom to determine their own KPIs.

A challenge? Absolutely. But it gave us all the fuel we needed to be able to realize your digital breakthrough.

Everything will be digitalized. It’s inevitable. You could sit back and watch it happen, or we can make a digital breakthrough together.

Are you bold enough to step into the unknown? We are. And we’ll be with you every step of the way. Not to do a bit of a refresh, but to truly do things differently – for a change.

Our ambition

Everything you want, nothing you'd expect

In the digital era, making an impact begins with impactful change. That’s why we won’t just do what you ask. We challenge your ambitions. Coax you out of your comfort zone. And constantly bring everything back to the end-users: what do they think, want and need? That’s how we increase momentum and ensure you really make a difference.

Expert disrupters for global disruption

We share knowledge of over 350+ teammates from the Netherlands, Spain and Kenya where we combine culture and specialism and continuously, successfully, grow our Incentro Africa office and customer portfolio, covering the region.

Our culture

Change starts with us

At Incentro, we take care of ourselves. And no, that isn’t selfish. It’s necessary. Because people who dread going to work won’t perform at their best.

And digital challengers don’t deserve that. When we lead at specialization, ambition and happiness, we get the most out of ourselves. And out of you, too.


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