Everyone wants to work pleasantly and efficiently. Unfortunately, this is not always the case for mechanics using SAP Plant Maintenance. Maintenance engineers often do not have crucial information at the place where they need to do their work, leading to slower operations and reduced productivity. Fortunately, our platform offers a quick solution to this!

The SAP Mobile Plant Maintenance Platform is an extension for your SAP PM module, offering a flexible and user-friendly way to leverage the powerful SAP PM functionalities. In other words: it seamlessly integrates all the advantages of SAP PM with the latest mobile and web technologies. This allows you to access all online and offline functions and process your technical administration in a matter of time.

Using the platform also saves time and cost, as you can handle work orders directly on-site without requiring users to return to their desks. The user-friendliness of our platform reduces barriers and ensures that tasks are better recorded and completed, leading to fewer unexpected disruptions in your business processes.

Our SAP Mobile Plant Maintenance Platform supports multiple users with different access rights, allowing numerous people to use the apps online and offline simultaneously. This improves preventive and predictive maintenance and simplifies technical administration. Our software packages are developed with low-code, enabling us to adjust your specific Plant Maintenance processes quickly. This means you benefit from ready-to-use software that seamlessly integrates with custom-made software solutions.

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Of course, you could build SAP PM integration and apps yourself using low-code. However, in practice, this can be challenging. Such a project is full of risks due to the complexity of SAP PM and its deep integration with SAP MM, SAP PS, and SAP FI/CO. In short: we recommend getting our expertise to avoid unnecessary project costs and take advantage of someone else's experience. 

The SAP Mobile Plant Maintenance Platform offers the following benefits:

  • Increase the efficiency of your maintenance processes with mobile technology;

  • Plan maintenance activities efficiently and adequately;

  • Improve quality assurance of locations and equipment;

  • Save time and so reduce maintenance costs;

  • Easily comply with legal and regulatory requirements;

  • Increase inventory accuracy by regulating PM-related material movements;

  • Build up a documented maintenance history;

  • Ensure continuous and safe production.

Get in touch and learn how our platform helps you with preventive maintenance. Request a demo now and enjoy the benefits, such as more efficient processes, better quality assurance, and cost savings.