Maintaining your applications is essential to business operations. Agree or disagree? Agree, we thought so. Maintenance is crucial, but the downside is that it also takes up a lot of your precious time. Time you might want to spend on innovation and further development. That’s where our support team comes in! With a dedicated 24/7 support team, we are ready to help you.

Our service experts manage and maintain your applications. We are a Mendix Certified Support Partner consisting of eighteen dedicated support and maintenance experts. What do we offer?

  • We handle incoming requests

  • We work based on SLA agreements

  • We work proactively to improve your applications

  • We continuously improve our service with your feedback


To make the application management takeover as smooth as possible, we take several steps before we start: 

  1. We organize a functional and technical intake

  2. We share knowledge within the team

  3. We create an analysis report with findings of the application

  4. And we advise on maintenance

Within no time (read: only two weeks!) our support team is ready to handle the first requests.

Our service model is designed to give you the right mix of support services and tools. This way, we relieve your business so that you can finally focus on the things you find important. We offer three service models: standard, advanced, and premium. Read more about the differences between these solutions. 

Do you like to be in control and are you looking for a management partner to pick up incidents, security patches and to keep your application stable? With our standard support model, we deliver all these things.

Do you want a guaranteed capacity to address service requests within SLA times? Do you want to be able to submit small change requests in addition to incident management? Then advanced support is the best choice for you. 

Do you want to be fully relieved of managing your application? In addition to proactive advice and monthly refactoring, we discuss which custom services are suitable for your application.

Would you like to catch up on the possibilities or see which service model best suits your needs? Get in touch.