With the constant developments around you, it seems impossible to make use of everything. You would love to respond to changes, continuesly improve your service and stay ahead of the competition. But in they day-to-day reality, there seems to be no end to the backlog. The roadmap for the next two years is already full.

So what can you do? If developments in your company are determined by internal triggers such as declining conversion or an outdated system, the solutions for these will be driven by internal triggers too. This way you miss the point for your users or the market in which you operate, because you do not reason from their needs. Ultimately, this is not good for loyalty.

With a Discovery sprint you discover the areas of opportunity for your company in a maximum of three weeks. It is therefore the ideal starting point for designing new services or ideas. Through an extensive analysis you gain insight into your users, market, competition and relevant trends and development. After all the necessary insights have been obtained and the growth opportunities have been mapped, you can determine the potential, based on the assigned value.

The areas of interest with the highest potential are turned into business cases. This business case helps you to allocate budget or capacity and to convince colleagues or stakeholders. This way, you are able to formulate a change strategy that adds to the ambitions of your organisation, connects with the market and customers, and plays into the relevant trends and developments. The following techniques are used in this sprint:

  • Through customer interviews you engage in a conversation with your customers to really understand their universe.

  • Through collecting (customer) data and recognizing patterns, you look beyond conversion. You study how customers use your product or service.

  • Through a competative analysis, we look into the workings of the market and uncover areas for your added value.

  • Through a market analysis we can see how the needs of your customers change over time, and what trends you can play into.

Our research and strategy consultants are eager to help you plan and perform a Discovery Sprint. We have proudly discovered possibilities with customers like Coop and The Greenery.

Incentro goes the extra mile when we discover a business case that both of us believe in. In that case, we can help you realising a tangible solution too, through our Design Sprint. This is how you go from a gut feeling to a concrete business case with a validated solution. So. Ready to grow.

Curious to see how we can help you? I would gladly share my thoughts over a (digital) cup of coffee.