Designing a new service or improving upon an existing service remains a challenge for for a lot of organisations. Often times money is spent on development, only to find a lack of interest or value at the customers' side later on.

Sometimes the business side refuses to join because of a lack of evidence and a validated case. In both cases you want to know if your solution is desired and adds value. Ideally before you invest time and money. The best way to do this? With a Design Sprint.

With the Design Sprint you quickly take all the necessary steps to reveal if your solution is desired. Researching, brainstorming, prototyping and user testing.

We can quickly create a Proof of Concept by turning your solution into a clickable prototype. This way, we we simulate the usability without fully devloping it, and we can uncover if it connects with your end-user's expectations.

design sprint image english.png

We make sure that you innovate successfully by combining these four ingredients in a design sprint:

  • The right team. During a design sprint we bring all the necessary expertise together. Our multidisciplinary team consists of our team and your team of strategists, designers and a tech lead.

  • Proven process. We take all the steps to get to a solution together, build a prototype, and test it with your customers at breakneck speed.

  • Focus. The team books one week to fully focus. The hard deadline prevents delays and endless discussions. Because of the workshops your team is booked for just two days. Pretty effective.

  • Action. Incentro continues where others stop. Our technical striking power ensures that we can develop your Proof of Concept into a Manimum Viable Product (MVP).

Incentro has been a fan of Design Sprints for years. It helps our customers like The Greenery and Coop to successfully improve their existing services or build new ones in minimal time. Our 450+ experts ensure we always have the right people at the table. Our experts have engaged in over 100+ digital and physical Design Sprints.

Do you need a real pressure cooker? We provide a single day Design Sprint too, as substitute to the four day Design Sprint. That way you have a prototype of your solution after just one day, which you can test with real customers afterwards, either on your own or with our help.