Migration to Google Cloud

Insight is key when planning your migration to the cloud. We offer a unique assessment service to gain the needed insight and offer a smooth way forward.

Migration to Google Cloud

Our process

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➊ Assess


With few steps we can run a automated assessment to get insights in your running infrastructure and build a basic application dependency map.


Application analysis thru whiteboard session(s) with application owners and IT architects.

What to expect

Assessment report containing:

  • Cost overview for your migration.

  • High-level actionable migration architecture to move towards the next phase.

  • Duration approximately 6 to 8 weeks.



Together we define the migration waves and schedule and elect the “first movers”.


Don’t worry about knowledge. We offer a cloud foundation workshop so your tech teams know how to use the basics of the cloud platform.


No cloud presence just yet? Don’t worry because we will get you kickstarted with our Cloud foundation service.

What to expect

Deliverables included:

  • Cloud foundation workshop.

  • Migration planning.

  • Duration approximately 2 to 4 weeks.

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Ready for that first mover? We definitely are! This is the most time consuming phase in the approach, but that doesn’t matter because we handle your environment with caution. We go from theory to practice by using the data analysis and wave planning and putting them in to practice. Before migrating we make sure that there is a test plan at hand to verify if everything works as expected after the migration has been performed.

What to expect

  • Refine scope and migration planning.

  • Verify the Cloud foundation.

  • Set up the migration factory.

  • Test functionality pre- and post migration and validate against test plan.

  • Duration approximately ~depends on migration scope.


Ready for the next step?

Besides post migration cost optimizations like; rightsizing, adding extra commits and providing FinOps services. 

We always keep an eye out for modernization steps. 

We favor using managed services and have strong roots in helping customers with application modernization. Your data now being in the cloud means we can help you benefit with data analytics solutions.

Some of our migration success stories: