Many companies are adopting new ways of working. The digital possibilities to collaborate from multiple locations demand a new management style. The workplace of tomorrow is a hybrid one that combines a physical- and a virtual workplace. We want to give customers the right tools and insights, that they can base important decisions on for the way colleagues communicate, collaborate and create.

Therefore we partnered with Temporall: an enterprise technology company that delivers real-time organisational intelligence. By leveraging Workbench, Temporall’s organisational insights platform, we help customers access and use real-time analytics across their enterprise to support strategic planning, and better understand their digital- and innovation capabilities, which will help build the hybrid workplace.

Temporall was founded in 2017, born out of the desire to bring leaders clarity. They created an organisational intelligence platform called Workbench, and harness human expertise to deliver critical insights that organizations can act upon. Workbench brings insights into what is happening within an organisation, by world-leading analytics products for platforms such as Slack, Workplace from Facebook, and Google Workspace.

These insights can be essential for people insights, team collaboration, culture change, and deciding which tool is best for your internal communication. So using augmented analytics brings clarity and supports decision making, by substantiating choices and speeding up the decision making process.