Managing content can be a pain-in-the-ass. With everything usually being on a different channel, getting a proper overview can be a sh*tty task. Does this sound familiar? Then Storyblok is the ideal solution for you. This headless CMS that allows you to manage content for all your channels in one place. It is used worldwide to shape powerful digital experiences across all touchpoints. And it's loved by marketers because of its great user experience. In addition, the headless design gives developers the freedom to launch new applications quickly and easily.

Spot the difference

So what’s the real difference between Storyblok and a CMS? Thanks to a headless architecture, we can serve content to all presentation layers across all channels from one centralized place. All while a standard CMS is aimed at the content publication of only one website, leaving you to work only with a fixed editor directly linked to a singular presentation layer.

At Incentro, we like to use an app, website or IoT device to set up a future-proof online platform. With Storyblok’s modern headless CMS, all of that is now a breeze. 

This comprehensive content management solution has unique features, from content creation to publishing.

Content Creation: Visual Editor

Easily build pages the same way you would browse and see the results right away. The best way of working for content editors. Storyblok also allows inline editing so you don't have to go to a new page to edit something, which is the case with many CMSs.

Storyblok Image of Visual Editor
Content Organisation: Focus on Collaboration

Use one central hub with your entire team to organize all content. Collaboration is easy with comments, tags, user roles, extensive workflows, content pipelines and more.

Content Optimization: Image Service

This out-of-the-box feature optimizes and cashes images through the Content Delivery System (CDN) making the website much faster.

Content Publishing: Omnichannel

Create content in 1 place and easily publish to all linked channels. This allows you to tell unique stories across all touchpoints.

  • User-friendly for editors due to the simple and extensive drag & drop editor

  • Fast go-to-market because of the excellent user experience

  • Freedom for development thanks to the API-first design and the many integration options

  • Lots of flexibility due to the headless design of your landscape

  • Improved performance of your website in terms of speed and findability

More benefits for marketers

With the existing or custom content statuses you publish content according to your workflow. As soon as the building blocks are ready, you can independently build new pages for your campaigns without the help of IT! In other words, you're free to do whatever you want. You can make the digital experiences even more unique with the localization and personalization tools.

More benefits for developers

No more time-consuming upgrades because Storyblok is a SaaS solution. It is a cloud-native platform with the latest security standards, so it is free from scalability issues. You can also easily add new functionalities through the extensive marketplace with apps.

As Incentro, we believe it is important that we remain independent and can offer our customers the best options. For these reasons, we have expanded our Headless CMS offering with Storyblok. Storyblok is seen in the CMS world as a “new kid on the (story)block”. 

The fast-growing company fits very well with our culture and brand values, which is very important for our collaboration. In addition, Storyblok is a technically well-structured headless solution, they are MACH certified and they offer a very good editor experience. For us, this is one of the many reasons to switch to a partnership, so that we can now provide our customers with even better advice.

Do you want to get started with Storyblok? We are happy to help you on your way!