But collecting piles of data doesn’t make much sense if organisations can’t do anything with it. That is where business intelligence software comes in. Are you thinking about implementing a platform to help you gain valuable, meaningful insights from your data? We can help you! And we use Power BI to do it. Power BI lets you to visualise your data and share insights across your organisation or embed them in your app or website.

With Power BI, you can collect, research, and visualise data from throughout your company, which provides more insight into your activities and performance. Power BI also enables users to make more informed decisions based on the data. The desire to operate in a data-driven way moves closer than ever. Another advantage of Power BI is its powerful self-service capabilities which means users are no longer dependent on the IT department for collecting, transforming and analysing data.

Power BI Desktop is free to download. It won’t cost you anything to get to know how it works; In addition to the visualisation options provided, you can download more than 200 (!) add-ins from the marketplace; Data security is a tricky issue for companies. Power BI ensures that information is safe and offers plenty of opportunity to protect or share data at different levels; Power BI can process large amounts of data quickly due to powerful data compression; It is easy to connect data sources yourself and to create relationships between the data sources.

Power BI offers several different options. As you’ve already seen, you can try out Power BI for free using Power BI Desktop. If you are satisfied with the all the options, then you can select Power BI Pro or Premium. Choosing between the Pro or the Premium version depends on the number of users and how you want to use Power BI. Are you wondering which one is best for your organisation? Please get in touch.

Incentro has been helping organisations to get the most out of Power BI for a long time. Our certified consultants will give your organisation a boost to get the most out of your data.

For more information about Power BI, please visit their website: https://powerbi.microsoft.com/en-us/. See you soon!