Agility, data-driven, personalization, flexibility, fast time-to-market, and scalability. What do these topics have in common? Right, cloud computing is the key to all of this. You don't need physical servers these days, after all, everything runs in the cloud. Cloud computing increases your technical possibilities, allowing you to quickly add value and stay ahead of the competition. As an organization, you benefit from the efficiency, innovative solutions, and sustainability that a public cloud platform offers.

When we refer to the Cloud, Google Cloud is our number one choice. Google Cloud offers advanced possibilities to make everything that runs on the Cloud Platform smarter, safer, and more scalable. That is exactly what we at Incentro are focused on as well. Google Cloud and Incentro go way back. We started out more than ten years ago as an Enterprise Search Partner. In the meantime, we have mastered the entire Google Cloud Platform. This has not gone unnoticed at Google, a few feats of arms:

  • We have been a Google Premier Partner since 2014.

  • In 2015 we were named the most innovative partner in the region EMEA.

  • We now also have the Machine Learning and Infrastructure specializations to our name. This means that we are optimally qualified to implement Google Cloud solutions in organizations, no matter how complex.

  • We are at the forefront when it comes to Hybrid and Multi-cloud solutions.

  • In 2019 we became one of the first Boutique Partners authorized to resell Anthos in the Benelux.

Within Google Cloud services we help you to achieve various goals. These include making your supply chain more efficient, saving costs on assets, building data-driven platforms, spending your marketing budgets more wisely, giving your employees access to the right information, and making your processes more sustainable.

Does your organization work exclusively with other cloud providers, such as AWS or Azure? Don't fret! Our consultants know their way around these too. 

Ready to move your business to the cloud?