Incentro is Consulting Partner of Amazon Web Services. The extensive set of data and analytics-tools offered by AWS enables us to quickly develop innovative solutions for our customers. This way, we turn data into value!

Our data engineers and architects know the AWS data solutions inside and out, our specialties:

Building your architecture in the cloud, migrating an existing solution, or anything in between: with AWS the possibilities are endless. This allows us to build a solution that fits your business and wishes. We build and maintain data warehousing solutions and data lakes by using Amazon services like AWS Redshift, and AWS Lake Formation. 

We provide ready-to-use, structured data. In other words, we make sure you are in control of the quality of your data. We do this by building pipelines that structure the data. At the same time we provide a lot of flexibility to adapt to the changes and processes within your company. We fully automate this by using services like AWS Glue, AWS Lambda, and AWS Cloudformation.

Structured data provides value for your company, by using AWS Athena we provide interactive analytics. Besides that, we give you insight by visualising your data in AWS QuickSight. Aside from relying on the insights the data tells you about your current situation, we can make predictions about your future needs using AWS SageMaker so that you know what you can expect in the future.

“Migrating to AWS has resulted in having a future-proof cloud platform, by which our total costs where reduced by 85%.”

PostNL Cross Border Solutions

With the ‘pay-as-you-go pricing’ model, you can build and run virtual applications, without upfront costs or ongoing commitments. You only pay for what you use. Next to that, it is super scalable! Your setup will grow along with your needs and the different services integrate seamlessly. Also, AWS’s infrastructure is built to satisfy the security standards of the most risk-sensitive organizations.

AWS’s solution for efficient storage and powerful querying? Amazon Redshift! This data storage solution offers fast query performance on datasets varying in size from giga to petabytes. The speed in which Redshift offers output to large datasets, is beyond comparison. Unique characteristics of this service are column level compression and the use of large scale parallel processing. This allows users to process, store, and analyse data, while only paying for the sources they use.

As holders of the AWS Redshift-service delivery status, we offer customers a modern, scalable, safe, and cost-effective analysis solution. Our AWS Certified Professionals have profound knowledge and experience, proven by technical validation as well as by helping our customers explore the possibilities for their data by use of this powerful AWS-tool, transforming this into valuable insights.

We love data. That is why our certified AWS QuickSight developers love to extract and visualize insights from your data. This can be done through integrations or migrations, which then ideally will be unfolded into a self-service BI solution within your business. One example is by giving immersion day workshops and training about QuickSight and best practices. Because of the various expertises within Incentro we can integrate this like no other with low-code solutions, like Mendix, OutSystems, and Thinkwise.    

Whether you are in transport & logistics, financial services, banking, insurance, e-commerce, retail or government, Incentro enables sustainable growth by turning data into value.

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