The documents in your organization are like old-fashioned headphones: if you're not paying attention, they will become tangled beyond recognition. Nonetheless, organizing and structuring documentation flow generates significant efficiency gains crucial for the digital transformation of your organization. But how do you turn content into a digital stream in which information is always available, findable, shareable, secure, and complete? That’s where Alfresco can help.

Incentro is a proud partner of Alfresco. The Alfresco Digital Business Platform is the only modern open-source digital business system that supervises the processes and content for your entire organization while ensuring compliance and governance. Sounds almost too good to be true, don't you think?

However, Alfresco ensures documentation management can be that easy. The platform includes high-performance Process Service (BPM), comprehensible Content Service and Governance Service/Records Management (RM) modules. And unlike traditional ECM platforms, the Alfresco platform runs effortlessly in the cloud. The platform architecture is modern and sleek. This way you only use what you need and the platform grows with you.

Not only is the Alfresco Digital Business Platform a unique platform, we also rapidly develop a modern and user-friendly solution to compliment your business needs. The result is a fast time-to-value and a digital transformation which enables you to digitize and automate content-oriented processes, connect internal & external systems and extract insights from your content. Everything you need to help you make better decisions and increase your profit.

We are the only strategic Alfresco partner in the Netherlands. We employ certified specialists armed with the knowledge and experience to implement Alfresco in your organization. We stand behind Alfresco because they share the same values as we do: flexibility, adaptability, digital progress and (above all) transformation. And with that, you are ready to challenge your competitors.

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