In 2017, Incentro grew for the 12th year in a row. The provisional figures show that the turnover in 2017 increased by more than 16%, far exceeding the €35 million mark. Stef Lagomatis, board member of Incentro, explains more.

In 2015, two Incentro start-ups were launched – and in 2017 we saw them reach financial growth. They’re now making a positive and substantial contribution to our results.

We had to close one of our branches – our office in Istanbul. The business climate in Turkey has deteriorated rapidly, and after years of struggling we’ve unfortunately had to put an end to our activities in Turkey.

In March 2017, we opened a branch in Nairobi. By 2020, we hope to have made a positive impact on the lives of at least 10,000 people in Africa. We’re very proud that we already have a success story to tell.

As the only Google Premier Partner in Kenya, we’ve already managed to build up a healthy portfolio of local clients, whom we’re able to serve on a daily basis with our Google expertise. In addition to these local clients, we’re also able to help Dutch clients by executing their website and app development and management in Kenya for them.

If you’re delivering great solutions, you want the world to know about them. In 2017, we continued to use radio campaigns to get our brand name out there. And it seems to be working: we get the impression everyone in the Netherlands has heard of our campaigns. Some reactions were positive, others less so. In any case, it was a great PR exercise, and we can now measure the fact that awareness of our brand has grown significantly. That’s also had a positive impact on the growth we’ve realised.”

Incentro is an IT company founded on the happiness of its employees, and 100% owned by them – the Incentronauts. Incentro believes that happy people excel at what they do, which is why we’ve opted for this management and organisational model.

Incentro’s broad range of services includes online marketing and e-commerce, agile development, app development, data science and enterprise solutions. Incentro partners with many other companies – including Google, Intershop, Mendix, OutSystems and Atlassian – which means we can always find solutions by combining modern technologies with a modern approach.