To meet the rapidly growing need for modern and complete e-commerce platforms, we have entered into an e-commerce partnership with VTEX. The fast-growing VTEX (the platform behind big companies like Coca-Cola, Sony and L'Oréal) was declared as Visionary in the Magic Quadrant for Digital Commerce by Gartner back in 2021.

VTEX is one of the most modern e-commerce platforms, combining a solid piece of architecture with an extensive standard set of features. This ensures a lightning-fast implementation time and much lower costs. 

Bart Klaver, Business Development Manager at VTEX comments: "The partnership with Incentro is yet another recognition of our platform. Incentro has proven that they are ahead in the market, as they are progressive in culture, innovation and sustainability. We are excited that Incentro has chosen to become a partner of VTEX."

We see a strong demand in the market for composable commerce, both for B2C and B2B. Together with VTEX, we want to meet this demand. This will enable organizations and companies to focus on their core business instead of implementing complex e-commerce solutions. Research agencies Gartner and Forrester have named composable commerce as one of the biggest e-commerce trends of 2022. 

With composable commerce the commerce domain is split up into separate components, which consist of microservices that collectively take care of a business component. Think of components such as the 'Checkout', 'Payment' or the 'Customer support' of web pages. With this multichannel system it is possible to choose the best suppliers for a specific business challenge. This means that your website is no longer dependent on a single supplier. In this modular system the concepts of flexibility and speed are key.

Marco Ophof, Head of Sales at Incentro: "We are very happy with VTEX. In addition to the fact that VTEX has a powerful e-commerce vision, we see a lot of demand for complete e-commerce solutions such as the ones VTEX offers."