Affiliate Grand Slam Dubai

Affiliate Grand Slam Dubai

We look forward to seeing you at the largest digital marketing and user experience event in the Middle East: Affiliate Grand Slam Dubai.

Next May 25th and 26th we will participate in the Affiliate Grand Slam in Dubai, an event about digital marketing, user experience and ecommerce that you can't miss.

Experts from 5 continents will talk about trends in these three digital branches where our colleague Pedro Lindsey will also be giving a presentation on the future of ecommerce.

At the Affiliate Grand Slam in Dubai we will be able to learn from leading experts in digital marketing, ecommerce and digital experience the trends in this area, how will be the future of ecommerce, artificial intelligence applied to CMS, customer-centric strategies and many other topics.

Our colleague Pedro Lindsey, Sales Manager of Incentro Spain, will have a keynote entitled: Metallica & Van Gogh applied to the new era of ecommerce. Sounds good, doesn't it? His talk will take place on May 26th at 13:00h (Dubai local time).

In addition to the Affiliate Grand Slam, at the same time and location, the AIBC Summit will take place. This event focused on blockchain, IoT and artificial intelligence will welcome the biggest names in the cryptocurrency world. A fantastic opportunity to learn first-hand about this rising trend.

See you in Dubai, we'd love to have you there! We've been dying to meet and network live again and this is a spectacular opportunity. If you want to attend the event use this code when purchasing your ticket: ags50dubai.

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