For the fifth year in a row Gartner® has named our partner Workato a Leader in the field of integration platform as a service (iPaaS). But Gartner isn’t the only one enthusiastic about Workato’s performance. Users of the integration tool have seen great results too.

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Structuring and managing all software and data integrations remains a challenge for (pretty much) every IT department on the planet. Workato offers this combined in one central platform with complex process automation. Below are a number of great examples why companies add an iPaaS to improve their application landscape.

Most likely, the data between your systems is not properly integrated. Looking up and re-entering data from different sources is prone to error. This can lead to incorrect information on invoices, orders or elsewhere in the logistic process. By integrating with an iPaaS, data is communicated in real-time between each system and remains available anytime, anywhere across the entire chain.

Data silos are created when there is no integration between systems of different departments. The exchange of information is done manually, which can lead to manual errors. By integrating and automating this, processes can operate based on a predetermined structure. This way, you no longer have to worry about sharing outdated versions or crucial typos!

So your company runs on a core system that inhibits innovation. Replacing this system is virtually impossible because it costs too much time, effort, money or all three. Now what? With the help of an iPaaS, connections can be made with (new) applications to accelerate or improve innovative processes within your company.

A lot of repetitive tasks are done manually. Day in, day out. This is because information has to be transferred between applications that are not connected. After an integration between the systems, automation ensures that this becomes a problem of the past.

When different systems need to communicate with each other within your company, APIs usually do the heavy lifting. But thanks to the growing number of systems, further development and adjustments over time, that API architecture can turn into a complex web with zero oversight. By implementing an iPaaS, you increase your oversight and flexibility as you can autonomously create necessary changes.

Do you have one of these challenges or do you want to discover why Workato is the market leader in iPaaS according to Gartner? Please contact Huib. We have a decisive group of consultants who are happy to help you out.