Do you want to get started with low-code and tackle your core system for once and for all? Then consider Thinkwise. With Thinkwise you can easily develop extensive core applications using low-code. Thinkwise applications are independent of technology and are model driven. This means you can always keep up with the latest developments without having to worry.

With Thinkwise you create extensive core applications, for example a complex enterprise system, that fit seamlessly into your business process. Because of this custom software, less time is lost in your business operations solving tech-debt. Which in turn increases the productivity of your development teams dramatically when compared to developing with high-code programming languages such as Java and C#. 

With the low-code approach, you need minimal technical knowledge, so your developers get the hang of it quickly. In addition your software will remain up-to-date automatically. The best thing about developing with the Thinkwise Platform is that it is technology-independent and you therefore never have to rebuild your applications.

  • Easy to integrate with existing applications

  • Always up-to-date

  • The Thinkwise Guarantee

  • Leading in your market


Software that you develop with Thinkwise integrates seamlessly with your existing business processes. And it's also easy to link different systems to it such as HRM systems, Finance packages, RPA and more.

Always up-to-date

With Thinkwise, the technology is decoupled from the model. This allows you to develop an application that will always work. When there is a new version of the platform, it can be deployed quickly without having to modify your application. This means you don't have to go through the implementation process again with new versions.

The Thinkwise guarantee

We guarantee that your legacy application can be a Thinkwise application within one year. We can give this guarantee because this is a platform that an IT professional understands and has mastered in no time. 

Leading the way

As a company you want to be number one in your market and you can only do that if your IT environments move along with your business model. With Thinkwise you can build a flexible business system at the core of your organization that moves perfectly with your organization.

Have you, just like us, become enthusiastic about the Thinkwise platform? And would you like more information about what this can mean for your organization? Then quickly contact Rutger and he will tell you all about it!