From ideation to Automation. Robotic Process Automation is a trend that is gaining traction rapidly throughout enterprises. You can not (and should not want for that matter) replace your human capital, but you can support them through robotics. The result? More benefits and lower costs. Which business leader would say no to that. By the means of the Process Automation Scan (PAS) you can easily discover the optimal candidates for automation in these 3 easy steps.

Step 1 is to check whether process automation is the right solution for you. To do this, you need to answer a number of questions:

  • What processes can you automate?

  • What problem do you want to solve?

  • Where do you start with your automation journey?

  • What is the required investment?

  • What will an automation project bring to your organization?

The answer to these questions is often not so easy to find. Especially if you have little experience with automation projects. Fortunately, the Process Automation Scan helps you make a thorough analysis. The scan will then give you clarity whether automation is worth the investment.

You now know that process automation is a good investment. And then the question arises: which processes are you going to focus on? You should want to automate processes that are suitable for it. With the Process Automation Scan, the processes within a department are analyzed and assessed within the timespan of two weeks. This assessment is done through our in-house developed ‘Incentro Automation Matrix’. This is a framework for determining and prioritizing the automation potential of your business processes.

The processes that seem to be great automation candidates are further detailed in a business case. Through an comprehensive advisory report, you can then see what it will cost and what it will ultimately yield. Because, of course, it has to pay for itself quickly.

Process automation is not something you ‘just start with’. You do it to achieve a certain goal. Are you going to free employees from an administrative burden? Or do you want to speed up the process so that productivity increases? Automation itself should not be the goal. With the results of the Process Automation Scan, you take specific steps towards the future. You discover what is possible. And then you can determine exactly which steps will bring you closer to your goal. And which do not. This is how you will get started strategically with an automation project.

With our Process Automation Scan, we show your organization in two weeks what the potential of automation is. It's quick and clear. So you can get started quickly with automation. Enthusiastic about the scan? We would gladly like to talk to you, no strings attached. Get in touch with Sacha van Essen via [email protected].