Working together towards a common goal: that’s the backbone of teamwork. Wouldn’t it be great if there was one single platform where teams could come together and map their processes? Now there is, with Swarm!

Swarm is an idea by MYNA: a company that was started by people who enjoyed flexibly working together. The initial application by MYNA was poorly designed, outdated, and didn’t fit the ambitions to create a simple to use tool to support the MYNA philosophy.

That is why they needed a partner to elevate their idea into a working platform. It is often a challenge to find a partner with whom you share values. Both MYNA and Incentro believe in employee happiness, career development, and social impact. Incentro also builds great software at a great price! All these things made Incentro Africa the perfect choice for MYNA.

The goal? Create a way for people to self-organize at work, where they can be happy taking responsibility for tasks, and work with a shared purpose.

With a simple way to provide clarity on work to be done, the processes, and a flexible way to change the processes, Swarm empowers people to do what they are good at and what they think is right.

The goal was to develop a system:

  • to make work visible,

  • to show and share where the work is,

  • where people can learn how to do things,

  • where internal processes can be mapped,

  • that can accommodate regular and rapid changes, and

  • do all these things with more flexibility than an ERP system!

The biggest challenge was in translating MYNA’s logic and requirements into a viable technical solution: do we understand the business rules, do we understand the essence of the system?

Understanding what a customer wants is the most important and also most difficult part of any endeavour.

Swarm was created together. We talked about it until we all got a mutual understanding of what it should be. We built a first version, and we shaped it again and again until it met MYNA’s requirements.

By taking the time to understand each other, we were able to come up with solutions that could not be foreseen at the start of the project, creating a simple and usable platform.

It is difficult to make a concept clear. The best way to make it clear is by designing and building the system and then seeing how it works.

With agile, there is transparency in information sharing. You can see something built in real-time and learn together along the way.

Where some of our customers are sceptical about working with a company in Kenya, working with the MYNA team was refreshing and exciting. They’ve given us the trust from day 1 and worked as a true partner achieving a shared goal. Dennis de Weerd, CEO Incentro Africa

The Swarm application is built as a cloud native application on the high performance Google Cloud infrastructure.

By using a microservices architecture, the loosely coupled platform can easily extend and adjust to the needs of MYNA and their customers and integrate with other existing applications that are used.

Swarm is a platform that enables people to do the things they love doing while working on a common purpose.

The conventional approach to work is to do what you are told. With Swarm, you get to pick what you'd like to work on! People get to do what they like and what they are good at!

Three companies are already using Swarm in the one month since it was launched. Incentro Africa is one of them!

MYNA has supported us to learn how to swarm. This gave us invaluable insights in the use of the product and made us able to make a better product. It also helped our organisation to become more flexible and scalable. Dennis de Weerd, CEO Incentro Africa

Do you have an idea which you’d like to see come to life, perhaps a new way of working with technology that will make your life easier? We’re happy help!