By working Cloud Native you can enhance innovation, and make your organization embrace positive change. How to explore, design, and implement these technologies? We'll help you get started!

Until now, we have experienced that organizations that put their customers and employees first are often the organizations that embrace change the most. By deploying sustainable Cloud Native technology, your organization becomes:

  • More efficient and more scalable;

  • More suitable for innovation;

  • More flexible in the fair distribution of the Cloud costs.

With the proven project approach of Incentro and the serverless technologies of Google Cloud, your applications are modernized or built from scratch. With this we ensure that your organization focuses on the core business: your customers and employees. Let's embrace change and start innovating together!

Incentro helps your organization to explore, design and implement Cloud Native technologies. This is how we approach it:

We offer training, workshops and Proof of Concepts to explore Google Cloud. For example, we provide training on BigQuery and we can also modernize a specific application in the Cloud. With this we provide a first step in the Cloud Native journey for your organization.

We have experienced that a new IT architecture in the Cloud requires thorough research. This allows future application development to take place efficiently and quickly. Together with your organization, we take a close look at your current IT architecture and convert it into a modern Cloud architecture. All (technical) designs and documentation, such as an Application Design Document, becomes intellectual property and will be fully owned by your organization afterwards. We also set the base for a development project with our templates and best practices. This base includes Infrastructure as Code (Terraform), CI / CD pipelines and code repositories.

Incentro supports fast Cloud Native application development. Whether it concerns modernizing existing applications or greenfield projects. With innovation, efficiency and speed in mind, it’s crucial for us to build applications in containers and use managed services and serverless techniques as much as possible. Examples of these are: Google Cloud Run (serverless compute), Google Cloud Storage (storage), Cloud Firestore (database), Google Cloud BigQuery (data warehouse) and much more.

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