To make business travel a little easier for everyone; that’s the main goal of mobility provider Radiuz. The result? A seamless experience and no commute-expenses for the employees.

Radiuz offers organizations a fully integrated solution for their employees’ mobility. With one so-called mobility card, employees can use all kinds of mobility, without having to pay for it. With this, they can travel in whatever way they desire. Think about taking the train, an uber, or filling up the tank of your car all within asmooth experience. Oh, and did we mention that travel expenses are directly sent to the employer? Sounds great, right?

There was only one challenge for Radiuz: how can we deliver extra value to the employers and employees? When you offer an application as a product to organizations, you need to think about ways to provide extra value. One way to do this is by allowing employers to act upon the employees’ travel data. To make this possible, we provided Radiuz with a scalable reporting solution, to make mobility even more simple.

Radiuz wants to create the most solid mobility service by constantly adding more value for both employers and employees. The challenge for Radiuz is to create tailored subscription options so that employers can offer this to their employees. Why is this a challenge, you’re asking? Well, they need lots of information about their employees' mobility needs, in order to ameliorate their service.

To be as efficient as possible, employers need to gain answers to important, daily business questions. Think about questions such as: which employees are using which services? Who is not using their mobility card (resulting in a waste of money)? Which forms of mobility are up and coming? And can we predict travel patterns so that budgets can be spent efficiently? Answers to these questions could be very useful to employers. Only if they had the time to gain this data. Luckily, Radiuz offers this added value by providing these answers. Therefore, the role of data is essential!

Available 24/7. Reports need to roll out as fast as possible since the number of customers grows rapidly. So a great back-up and as little downtime as possible is key!

Up-to-’data’. Mobility cards are used every day so a constant data refresh is essential to collect up-to-date data, in other words; up-to-data.
One dashboard. To avoid the use of multiple platforms, Radiuz has an embedded dashboard in the Mendix application which is already being used by Radiuz’s customers.

Predictions. Create a foundation for predictive analysis.

To meet these requirements, we migrated Radiuz to the AWS Cloud platform. In other words, we switched to a scalable reporting environment that is always up-to-date. Also, we gave them the right tools to start with predictive analytics. From now on, Radiuz can create even more added value for its customers and employees.

The result? A seamless experience for both employer and employee. Radiuz’s mobility solution matches the customer’s needs even better than before. Employers receive daily, usable transaction information, which helps them to optimize mobility for their employees. Additionally, employees receive a personalized mobility offer with the use of only one mobility card. It doesn’t get any easier than this.

This was the best thing Radiuz could’ve wished for because now they have access to usable information, which helps them to make better (strategic business) decisions, based on cross-employer reporting. In this way, Incentro contributed to making business travel just a little easier for lots of people.