All indications are that we’ll be working in a 1.5 meter-distance society for the next couple of months or even years. These times are all about change. We switched from an office to a remote office, and this will be common for the time being. Everyone is experimenting in new ways of working to accommodate this, and so are we. Curious about our COVID way of working? Let’s talk.

Incentro’s Agile Community has facilitated thousands of stand-ups, refinements, retro’s, workshops, ideation sessions, courses, program increment events, and scrum-of-scrums. To name a few. We always preferred face-to-face meetings, whether they were with a team or one-on-one. So, working remotely has been a tough challenge, but we’ve done it. Trust us when we say that it starts with trust.

‘People, trust, people.’

When there is trust, you can experiment: shift some processes, try out different tooling and evaluate, and engage with your colleagues. Use this time for focus: take advantage of less distraction and increased freedom to do things your way. Who knows, you might just get out of this stronger by embracing a new way of working. It’s about responding to change over following a plan.

This whitepaper helps you to focus on the essential topics: people, tooling, and process. Read all about it and get inspired by a number of practical tips!