To achieve your conversion goals, you need to tackle your data. But accessing your data is a challenge in itself. Where do you start? Many conversion specialists don't know how to get the right data or how to deal with it. So, before you become completely data-driven, some things have to change. Only then can you make real impact. The first step is to focus on your goals and ambitions.

1. Own your data

Before you can do kick-ass things with your data, you must own your data first. You already know about Google Analytics and other tools on the market. To become really data-driven, you must have control of your own data; separate from these tools. These kinds of tools collect the data from your users and build a product around it. If you want to be (and stay) ahead of the competition and become truly future proof, you need to have control of your own data. This allows you to translate your data into valuable information.

2. Understand your customer

You need to know your customer, so you can adjust your goals and ambitions. How else do you monitor your investment? If you already have access to your data, we can keep going! Collect the right data and place it in your own dashboard, such as Looker. This way you can convert data into information. You can create insights into customer segments, as well as the interests and behaviour of your customers or members. That information is your truth and helps you steer towards your goal.

3. Set a strategy

At first, you based your choices on your own expectations or on the pages that someone had visited. Put that behind you! The chance of someone converting depends on much more. In fact, there are so many factors involved that we, as humans, cannot calculate them. That's why we need help. For example, from a machine learning model, which calculates how much someone is worth to you. Based on visitor data, it predicts who you should and shouldn't approach, with every message. In this approach, you don't even need to look at dashboards anymore. The machine learning model targets the right customers based on real-time data, to increase your conversion rate. Which means you can spend your budget in a much smarter way!

4. Hyper personalization

Let's go one step further. Relevance is one of the most important factors for a customer or member. Ideally, you'd like to send each of them a unique message, but who has time for that? By classifying a visitor individually or by segment based on data, you’ll know what information they really want to see. Machine learning can help you spend your budget on the right people. If you want to do things even more effectively, you can adjust all the content per visitor. This is called hyper personalization. You offer visitors the most relevant content, that they are really interested in. And you can address the customer as he/she wishes in order to create even more value.

The ultimate outcome? Addressing customers or members through different channels, at the moment that they are shopping, with a product or service that they are really looking for. Along with a tone-of-voice that suits them. Are you thinking: "Hey that's complicated?" Well, in truth it is. That's why we can help you find the right solution, so you can go to market with a smart approach.

You want to get started! But why with Incentro? Our expertise crosses the whole spectrum: from e-commerce, apps to data. We have a clear idea of the factors at play and understand what you need to make a real impact. Together we'll look at whether your ideas are feasible and how long it will take to achieve them. So that you can get data-driven as soon as possible. Do you want to talk more about this? Give us a call.