About us

Incentro Africa opened her door in Nairobi, Kenya, in 2017; The takeout on things was special: the company aimed for the delivery of fairtrade software solutions in Nairobi, the capital of Kenya. Our mission? To positively impact the lives of 10.000 Africans before the year 2022.

We continue to achieve this by bringing quality services and digital solutions to the (East) African market, supported by strong partnerships and growing local talent into product experts. We help organizations in developing their Cloud digital strategies in order to increase productivity and collaboration. We achieve this through our value propositions and expertise in enterprise collaboration, cloud migration, and developing smart applications.

Are you bold enough to step into the unknown? We are... and we dare you to do the same. We will be with you every step of the way. Not by making small changes but to truly do things differently - for a change!

Our ambition

Our way of working

Boldness, mastery and autonomy. Those are the main characteristics of our colleagues. They are not afraid to face a challenge. They persevere. They search for change. They are tech-savvy and not only challenge your plans but also think two steps ahead. In other words: everything you need. And that’s what you’ll notice when kick-starting a project with us.

If you ask any of our clients about the collaboration, they’ll definitely tell you about our colleagues. No doubt.

Consultants who actually make stuff, what a blessing

Incentro is a fast-growing digital change company based in the Netherlands, Spain, and Kenya. Our decisive consultants dive deep into your organization, challenge your ambitions, think two steps ahead and build awesome digital solutions. Basically, everything you need. Whatever your ambition is, we make you ready for battle.

Our culture

change starts with us

At Incentro, we take care of ourselves. And no, that isn’t selfish. It’s necessary. People that drag themselves to work will not perform at their best. We believe that digital challengers deserve better than that. When we lead by specialism, ambition and happiness we get the most out of ourselves and, of course, you!


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