Thinking of running your IT infrastructure in the most secure and innovative cloud? Choose Google Cloud. We recognized the unique culture and quality of Google Cloud and specialised in Google Cloud solutions in 2014. As the only premier partner in the East African region and recognized for cloud infrastructure and Migration specialisations we are the Go-to partner for Google Cloud infrastructure solutions.

Our 3 step approach identifies, plans and migrates workloads through cloud sprints. This way we create value from the first week of our engagement and are flexible to change with your priorities. Working in a mixed team of Incentro consultants and your own staff, we transfer knowledge on the job that makes you feel comfortable that you stay in control of your infrastructure.

We increase your performance, while reducing your cost through optimization. We intimately understand the cloud pricing model and know how to get the most value for your investment.

This is on top of all our customers' minds and rightly so. Fortunately Google Cloud is highly secured by design, but you need to use it well. We help you review and improve your security. For your peace of mind, did you know that all our cloud consultants are certified security experts? 

We help you manage your bill through convenient invoicing and real time alerting on your expenditure.

Our extensive support packages are there to meet our customers needs. With a variety of services that help with FinOps, DevOps, technical support, strategy and roadmap, assessments and many more we make sure you can rely on cloud and get the most out of it.

Running business critical infrastructures on cloud provides not only a more secure and flexible mode of operation within organisations but also leverages faster queries and reporting to give you the insights you need to make the best business decisions quickly.