Google launched Hangout Meet in 2017. This visual interface enables companies to host smooth meetings, regardless of physical location. The only requirements: an internet connection and a device with video capabilities. Google introduced special hardware for Google Meet in late October, which proved to be another leap in video conferencing. What does it do, how does it work, and who needs it?

‘Work anyplace, anywhere’ has become an essential part of today’s business. That’s why video meetings are becoming more and more commonplace. Earlier this year, Incentro brought the first Google Jamboard to Europe. This ‘whiteboard 2.0’ offers colleagues (both local and remote) a wide range of digital communication capabilities: from posting notes and post-its to sketching, sharing, surfing, and conferencing. Or, as Google likes to call it: jamming. Now, you can bring your meetings to the next level with the new Google Meet hardware. Using it, you’ll transform any space into a professional, super sleek, and affordable conferencing room.

The hardware consists of four parts: an ASUS Chromebox, a 4k camera, a speaker/microphone, and a touchscreen controller. Using the controller, everybody can easily access planned events straight from their calendars. You can also use it to control the camera, view meeting details, add users, or even put their video on the screen. And if you’re a G Suite Enterprise customer, you can save your sessions straight to your Google Drive!

The new speaker/microphone ensures crystal clear conversations, thanks to its excellent (background) noise filtering capabilities. You’ll no longer wonder why everybody in your meeting is eating potato chips in heavy headwinds. Each system can host up to five speakers/microphones, so that you can also cover larger meeting rooms.

The Huddly Go 4k camera has a reach of 120 degrees, so everybody gets plenty of screen time. Google has programmed it with machine learning, so it’ll become smarter over time and recognize you over time. Also convenient: the camera will zoom in on people speaking.

Of course, the ASUS Chromebox runs on Chrome OS, so you can easily manage it remotely. Installing updates is barely an effort, and safety issues won’t affect your organization.

The Hangout Meet hardware will soon be available in the Netherlands. Want to be the first to know? Fill in your information below, and we’ll keep you posted. And as a Google Premium Partner, we’ll also be happy to help you with all your other Google and Chrome questions!