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For a fast-growing scale-up like, scalability is the number one priority. Logically, everything revolves around the website, as it is their digital travel shop. Or in their own words: ‘The travel agency of the future.’ 


To enable growth, a flexible online platform was needed. A platform that scales and renews in no time. did not meet this requirement yet. There was no clear design and there was too little capacity to scale up for a large number of visitors. The goal was to beat the competition of, and also Zoover. So it was time for a refresh!


Initially, it took days or even weeks to implement a new feature on The same was the case for the launch of marketing campaigns. In other words: there had to be a faster and more efficient way. To be able to innovate, had to break loose of outdated designs and legacy systems. What they needed was a cloud native platform without any limitations for flexibility and scalability. So, a platform with infinite possibilities that: 

  • Always meets up with the demand and automatically adapts to the number of visitors.

  • Is available at all times, without delay or downtime.

  • Contains components that can all up and down scale automatically. and Zoover had to be able to handle each peak in the number of visitors. Updating features and launching campaigns had to be done in hours. Not in weeks. As you can imagine: solving these issues results in a huge efficiency boost and major cost savings. In short: to truly accelerate the rate of innovation all benefits of Google Cloud had to be utilised. This way, was able to challenge the status quo.


Corona clearly had its impact on the travel industry. Nevertheless, persisted and even joined forces with Zoover, while other people were enjoying their ‘staycation’. All to prepare for the future.

Corona also reflected on the way of working of the team. From pre-arranged appointments such as working on location once a week with a joint team, they switched to remote working only. Luckily, that switch went smoothly. At they describe themselves as driven, innovative and a bit nerdy. Sounds like us, don’t you think? So the collaboration went naturally. is constantly challenging itself and looking at new opportunities. It became clear soon enough that a new approach was crucial to reach their goals. A new way of booking your holiday, even as the implementation of the newest technologies. To meet the customer expectations and to keep up with the ever changing market, a cloud native approach was the best fit.

A cloud native approach is more than a technical party. It's about a new way of thinking. A way to be able to innovate quickly. Far away from old systems. To implement this new approach, a new platform had to be developed, based on Cloud technology, with a fresh new design. This way new features could be implemented in an instant. By embracing change, testing and the dare to innovate, prepared for the demand of the future.


Incentro has set up the fastest possible travel platform, we are impressed!

Elwin KampManager at Zoover &

The platform is live! With all the functionalities of the old platform, but with a completely new cloud infrastructure and a fresh design. and Zoover are now ready to implement changes at a rapid pace. Thanks to the cloud native approach, they link the data from their platforms faster than ever. What is your next destination? knows: conquer the international travel industry by offering holidays the way you want. can now use the latest cutting edge technology to improve their customer experience, as a pioneer in the travel market. The platform is up to ten times faster and that does not go unnoticed. This speed is essential to increase conversion and achieve the desired goal to maximize growth.

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