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Nieuwkoop Europe: a webstore that makes your mouth water

Nieuwkoop Europe: a webstore that makes your mouth water

Nieuwkoop Europe is an international frontrunner in the specialized market for indoor landscaping. An increasing proportion of trading takes place online. In order to optimally serve customers and to unburden them further, Nieuwkoop Europe therefore wanted a mouth-watering web store.


An eCommerce platform prepared for the unknown

Nieuwkoop got in touch with us with a clear idea for their digital store. It wanted a completely new platform with a sleek design. A B2C eCommerce experience in a B2B environment. Because they could see a lot of potential for growth there.

We saw that potential, too. But before we got started, we first talked extensively about the project’s technical foundation. We advised Nieuwkoop to opt for a headless eCommerce platform. That would require extra investment, but the heavier foundation would definitely pay for itself. A headless platform is future-proof, and new touchpoints can be added quickly and easily. Think, for example, of a mobile app.


Incentro’s pragmatic approach appealed to us from the very beginning. In no time at all, they had a team set up for us to get started. Fast communication, work speed and fun while working!

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Heads together and go

Before Nieuwkoop even approached us, they had already done a lot of careful thinking about the functionality they wanted and the appearance the new platform needed. Awesome! That meant we could get off to a flying start.

We put the team together, and got support from a product owner at Nieuwkoop. The team worked together, on location, two or three days a week. Alternating between our office and theirs. That approach turned out to be worth its weight in gold. In 4,5 months, we put together the complete headless platform and developed an amazing web shop.



We used commercetools to design a hyper-modern web shop with a rock-solid appearance and unrivaled ease of use. And it’s supported by a digital infrastructure connected to Nieuwkoop’s logistics operation. All so that large, complex orders could be processed effortlessly.

The result

Starting from an online commerce solution that inspires, Nieuwkoop creates a new experience that triggers and helps to achieve their company-wide objectives. Thanks to the headless approach, Nieuwkoop will have everything it needs to add software applications and scale up systems effortlessly in the coming years. No matter where the digital developments go, Nieuwkoop is ready for the future.

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