Looking Forward to a strengthened partnership.

Twiga Foods and Incentro Africa have today announced a renewed and strengthened partnership, following a significant breakthrough in the resolution of the historical dispute.

The breakthrough comes from a statutory demand in September 2023 on Twiga Foods by Incentro Africa over sums relating to Google Cloud Services provided by Incentro. Twiga Foods had disputed the amounts and applied to court to set aside the statutory demand.

The resolution, led by Twiga’s new management team followed negotiations between Twiga Foods and Incentro Africa following the management changes announced in Q4 2023. This follows the significant recent investment, led by Creadev and Juven, into Twiga in December 2023.

Welcoming the resolution over the Google Cloud Services, Dennis de Weerd, CEO of Incentro, said: "I would like to commend the exceptional work of Twiga’s Chief Financial Officer, Zuber Momoniat. His commitment and decisiveness have been instrumental in resolving the dispute and rekindling our partnership. This collaboration marks a significant step towards a stronger and more productive relationship between Twiga Foods and Incentro Africa."

Looking forward to a bright future for both partners, Mr. de Weerd added: "We regret the difficulties that arose in 2023, which placed both Twiga Foods and Incentro Africa in a challenging position. However, we are pleased to announce that these issues have been resolved to our mutual satisfaction and are excited to recommit to our partnership. We look forward to continuing to collaborate in providing innovative and cost-effective cloud services to Twiga Foods."

Appreciating this important breakthrough, Twiga’s CFO, Zuber Momoniat said: "In light of the settlement arrived at between Twiga Foods and Incentro Africa, and the renewed commitment from both parties, Incentro Africa has agreed to withdraw the statutory demand filed in September 2023. This step is a testament to our restored faith. Mr. Momoniat added that both Twiga Foods and Incentro Africa recognized the need to renegotiate the terms of the Google Cloud contract in light of the current global economic climate. As a result, he concluded, “both parties acknowledge that a renegotiation with Google Cloud is essential to align with the current business environment”.

Following the resolution of the dispute, both Twiga Foods and Incentro Africa are optimistic about their future collaboration through renewed partnership, not only as “a significant step towards resolving past challenges but also a strong foundation for future growth and success.”