Today, Mudah Dedan, and Bradley Juma from Incentro hosted a webinar showcasing how to automate your business processes in Google Workspace using Appsheet, Google’s no code development platform for applications. In this blog, you’ll get a quick overview of what you might have missed.

As mentioned above Appsheet is a no code development program. Making it easy to use for your IT and LOB teams, creating comprehensive apps integrated in, lets say, Google sheets, to track project development, in mere minutes. 

Because it's a Google service, you can expect that this program is well integrated with all workspace applications. A correct assumption, however, with Appsheet you are not just limited to using your data from Google’s applications or their functions. It’s also able to make use of programs such as mySQL, Salesforce, and Excel for example. Making sure that wherever your relevant data is located, your developers will be able to quickly create their app without having to export and define all those different data sources again.

From making a simple automation like if set value changes send an email to the relevant manager, to making a full on application where you can actively check that same project, Appsheet together with the Incentro team has you covered.

Let's say a product leaves your inventory, with Appsheet you can integrate barcode scanning, enabling you to create barcodes for all your products, that when scanned will immediately update your inventory overview you stored in lets say Sheets. 

Well great you scanned a product, so you probably sold one too, but this means you're gonna need to restock as well, luckily Appsheet has got you covered. For example, with Appsheet you can make an automation where if a product reaches a pre-set amount in your inventory, a standardized mail (order) will be sent to the email of your supplier.

And then there you are as a supplier, looking enviously at your client who doesn't have to send emails anymore whilst you manually keep mailing back your invoices. Luckily for you, as mentioned before you can automate that as well. For example by creating an automation that when you receive the order for a product it sends back an invoice based on the amount and the price of the products ordered. So that you as well can rest your feet on your desk for a few minutes.

During our webinar, Bradley Juma held a demo showing how to automate the onboarding process of your business using Appsheet.

This quick to make automation will make sure that your HR team will not have to spend hours in onboarding your new employees, but can do so through a few clicks of the mouse.

Instead of having to use complex lines of codes, all that was needed were some small lines of basic code for some clarification in Appsheet's templates.

After a short while, the app was ready to go, where a new employee only has to fill out a single form, where everything will be recorded, an email will be sent out to the relevant people, and their Google Workspace account will be created. Meaning that all those administrator tasks, are now a thing of the past.

And the best part is, all of this was done in the free Appsheet program that comes with all Google Workspace accounts

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