African building materials distributor Group Batimat solved communication issues with Google Workspace and Incentro's migration expertise.

In 1987, Group Batimat was founded in Dakar, Senegal, quickly becoming a major player in the 7.25 distribution of building materials and metal products across Africa. With a diverse team of well over  1,000 employees from several different nationalities and a network of showrooms spanning 10 countries, Groupe Batimat is dedicated to guiding both professional and private customers in selecting the right products for their building projects. However, the challenge lay in communication, particularly through email, which was the lifeblood of their operations.

Emails were mission-critical for Groupe Batimat, as efficient collaboration between teams was essential for their success. However, their previous email system, managed by a third party and relying on on-premises servers and open-source software, was causing considerable issues. The email system often registered emails as spam, leading to significant downtime and penalties due to communication delays. The need for a more reliable, globally accessible solution was evident.

​Due to the scale, complexity, and limited time at hand, the organization chose to work with the Google Premier Partner- Incentro 

Incentro's key focus was to ensure the ​Group was able to migrate in the shortest time possible for all their workforce and quickly facilitate the set up of access to documents on shared drives.

A seamless, no-downtime migration was successfully completed and a global go-live was achieved within ​two week​s for all the employees to G Suite Enterprise.

Group Batimat conducted a thorough evaluation of email solutions and found Google Workspace to be the most suitable option. Users were already familiar with Gmail, making the transition smooth and hassle-free. Moreover, Google Workspace's storage capabilities were impressive, and it offered a cost-effective alternative to other solutions. Group Batimat received assistance in migrating to Google Workspace and had a local partner for ongoing support. That partner was Incentro Africa. 

Since implementing Google Workspace, Group Batimat has experienced no downtime. The platform has been accessible across the globe, eliminating server-related limitations that plagued their previous system. The transition to Google Workspace was seamless and had a profoundly positive impact on their communication and collaboration capabilities.

Since 2019, Group Batimat has been actively building its own management system, focusing on infrastructure security, data analysis, and data mining. They have also developed a department for information systems and successfully migrated to Google Workspace. With the guidance of Incentro, they've set up the structure of the project, facilitated discussions with Google, and provided training to their team. As a result, future migrations are now expertly handled by Group Batimat themselves, thanks to the knowledge and support they received.

Regarding the Company's IT Strategy:

"In 2019, we embarked on an ambitious IT strategy, building our own management system to improve infrastructure security, data management, and analysis. Google Workspace was the first and most pivotal role in this transformation." - 

Tidiane Sidibe - Information Systems Architect, Group Batimat

About the Impact of Google Workspace:

"Google Workspace not only met our communication needs but also introduced our teams to a new era of collaboration. We've harnessed the power of tools like Gmail, Keep,  Calendar, and Drive to enhance productivity and accessibility."
Tidiane Sidibe - Information Systems Architect, Group Batimat

Overall Business Impact Achieved:

"The implementation of Google Workspace has been a game-changer for Group Batimat. We've eliminated downtime, improved communication, and achieved a level of collaboration we once only dreamed of. Thanks to Incentro's guidance, we're now in full control of our digital future."
Tidiane Sidibe - Information Systems Architect, Group Batimat

About the Group Batimat:

Founded in 1987 in Dakar (Senegal), the Batimat group quickly established itself as a major player in the distribution of building materials and metal products in Africa. With over 1,000 staff from several countries and a network of showrooms across 10 countries, the Batimat Group uses its pan-African experience of over 30 years to advise and guide its customers, whether professional or private, on the products that best meet the needs of their projects and building works.

About Incentro Africa:

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