In a remarkable journey that began in 2023, Incentro Africa proudly stands as's fastest-growing channel partner, achieving an unprecedented 500% growth within just one year.

In 2023, We commenced a transformative partnership with, a leading SaaS company providing innovative work tools solutions. This year marks a significant milestone as we proudly emerge as's fastest-growing partner, experiencing an unparalleled 500% growth within twelve months. This achievement has not only cemented our standing among the top 210 channel partners but also underscores our unwavering dedication to propelling digital transformation throughout the African continent.

During the prestigious 2024 Partner Summit held in London, our CEO, Dennis de Weerd, graciously accepted the fastest-growing Partner 2023 award. Beyond being a recognition of the diligent efforts put forth by our team, it stands as the latest addition to the numerous milestones we achieved throughout the transformative year of 2023.

What we have been able to do together with in just one year is extraordinary and a demonstration of what is possible through strong collaboration and our commitment to provide leading digital transformation and solutions, enabling businesses throughout to thrive in the digital landscape”.
-Dennis de Weerd CEO, Incentro Africa.

Our collaboration with has proven to be a highly rewarding partnership, consistently bearing fruit. Leveraging the platform internally to enhance our productivity has played a pivotal role in not only driving our success but also serving as a significant focal point for ascertaining our audiences with the myriad opportunities the platform offers. We steadfastly stand by the platform's quality and its transformative impact on our operational efficiency.

In 2023, we not only earned the distinction of being's fastest-growing channel partner but also ascended to the prestigious Gold Partnership status in early 2024 – a feat unmatched by any other in Africa. This remarkable achievement, coupled with DigiCloud honoring us as the Google Workspace Partner of the Year for the third consecutive time, unequivocally communicates to our stakeholders that we mean business.

Beyond the technical prowess and expertise of our team, we attribute our success to maintaining a happy and healthy workplace environment. Securing the 2nd position for the third consecutive year as a great place to work in Kenya, according to Great Place To Work Kenya®, underscores our commitment to consistency. The significance of fostering a positive work culture extends beyond the evident benefits for our employees; it directly influences our overall performance. Research indicates that a favorable work environment can elevate productivity by 12%, fuel innovation, foster creativity, and deliver various other advantages that ultimately translate into tangible results for our valued partners.

As we revel in our accomplishments, we acknowledge that maintaining this momentum is paramount. While past awards are a testament to our capabilities, our commitment is unwavering, and we are poised to continue this upward trajectory in the years to come. After all, achieving awards is commendable, but sustaining and surpassing these standards is truly exceptional.

Another milestone achieved this year is that we have officially opened our South African office! To celebrate this huge milestone, Our CEO Dennis de Weerd, together with Ido Gabay, a Channel Partner Manager at, will host an event at the SPACES Rivonia. Showcasing everything on and about using real-world use cases, demos, and an interactive session with our team of experts. Don't miss out and RSVP here. 

Having an office in South Africa means we will be able to provide our services to our partners even better and more efficiently. Further enabling us to deliver quality solutions wherever we operate, be that in East Africa or South Africa. Our new South African team is as dedicated and professional as our standard at Incentro Africa.

So now that we have boots on the ground in South Africa, you can finally get support for your monday needs in SA!

The team in South Africa specializes in and is the first in South Africa who will be able to onboard, support, and train your business to maximize the tool, making sure the adoption of this tool will be seamless and efficient. 

This gives an exciting outlook for what we will be able to achieve together with in the coming years.

Reflecting back, it's safe to assert that 2023 was nothing short of amazing, marked not only by the accolades we've received but also by the success stories we've cultivated with our valued clients. The expansion of our team with the inauguration of the new office in South Africa is an exciting development that stands as a testament to the collective successes we've achieved.

The conclusion of 2023 on a high note serves as a powerful motivator propelling us to reach even greater heights in 2024. As we navigate the path ahead, our unwavering commitment remains: transforming the way businesses operate throughout the continent. The synergy of our achievements, client successes, and strategic growth positions us to elevate our impact and redefine the future of work in the coming year.