We meticulously managed change, ensuring the seamless integration of Google Workspace across Kenafric's operations.

Through tailored training and user-centric approaches, Incentro facilitated the adoption of GWS, enhancing collaboration and productivity.

The challenge

Kenafric grappled with low adoption of Google Workspace (GWS) and security vulnerabilities within its digital infrastructure. The company faced challenges in effectively utilizing GWS tools for collaboration while also encountering risks associated with outdated systems and insufficient security measures.

The solution

With Google Workspace, Kenafric Industries has gained control over its organization’s data security while enhancing mobility and collaboration among its teams. The seamless integration of Google Drive has revolutionized their workflow, enabling thousands of employees to share vital information and updates in real-time, even in offline settings.

The result

significantly streamlined its processes and boosted productivity. By enhancing security protocols and leveraging remote work capabilities provided by Google Workspace, Kenafric mitigated security vulnerabilities and facilitated seamless collaboration among its teams. This transformation fostered a culture of innovation within the organization, empowering employees

Since transitioning to Google Workspace, Kenafric Industries has experienced minimal disruptions and outages, instilling confidence in its ability to meet its business's and customers' evolving needs.

About Kenafric Industries Limited:

KenAfric Industries Limited is a family company Founded in 1987, Kenafric is one of the largest manufacturers of Confectionery, Food, Footwear, and Stationery products in Kenya. KenAfric's products reach millions of people from the footwear they wear to the sweets they eat.

Vertical/horizontal solution: Industrial Goods & Manufacturing
Primary project location: Kenya

About Us:

We are a leading Google Premier partner with over two decades of experience and are at the forefront of enabling digital transformation.