You don't just give the keys to your office to any one on the street. So why leave your online data in the open? 

With Google Workspace you make sure that all your company's data is secure and only accessible to your organization. Not even Google themselves can take a look!

Cybercrime is getting more and more mainstream. With millions of phishing cases and data breaches happening daily all around the world. Because of this, having a secure online work environment is becoming more important than ever. Luckily, Google has you covered!

With the rise of remote working, making sure that your colleagues have secure online environments is imperative for keeping your data secure, whilst at the same time being able to collaborate seamlessly.

With Workspace, your employees can log in from everywhere on any device, without having to worry about the security of their devices or network. Waiting for a flight and want to get some work done? Don’t worry using the airports unsecured network, Google Workspace will keep malicious actors out of your data.

Google Workspace is 100% cloud based, meaning that it doesn't rely on desktop apps or local files. Because of this, google has had 0 common vulnerabilities and exposures over the past 3 years, 0 of the google systems were affected by solarwinds, and 0 evidence successful phishing attempts on accounts enrolled in the Advanced Protection Program.

Because Google Workspace is cloud based, you will always have the most uptodate security without the need of updating it all yourself. Meaning that with Google Workspace, you won't have to think twice about your data security. Google also uses AI for constant threat detection that picks up signals from billions of endpoints, making sure it can act on threats before they have the ability to emerge. 

Using TensorFlow machine learning programs, out of a 100 million, Gmail 99.9% of phishing, spam and malware attacks are fended off everyday. Together with these capabilities, Incentro helps you put in robust configurations to mitigate the risks even more. Making sure your data actually stays yours! 

This is due to the zero trust approach GWS has. This means that even if someone has your password, or access to your network. They will not be able to sign in without a second step authentication. 

And we do way more, we dive deep into your current configurations to see where improvements are necessary, when we have mapped out the security threats, we design 6 labs which address high-priority security topics spanning 6 weeks. Here we wont just deliver solutions but you will gain an understanding of why these measures are important. At the end, you will get a comprehensive presentation of our findings, with detailed documentation to future proof your online security posture, ensuring your organization’s data doesn't just become secure, but stays secure. 

Excited but your company isn't yet using workspace? Not to worry we got you covered! We also provide licenses and are pro’s when it comes to migrating Google Workspace in your organization.

If you want to learn more about our Google workspace services click here. Want to schedule a meeting to see what we can do for your business using workspace? Contact Elizabeth below!