Coming in June and July 2024

On May 15th at Google I/O Google announced huge updates to Gemini AI which will make your Google workspace experience better and streamline your business processes as well!

We have put the most impactful and important updates coming to you soon.

For all Google One AI Premium subscribers, next month Gemini 1.5 Pro will be in a refreshed side panel in your Workspace applications. 

With this new side panel, which will launch first in Gmail, Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Drive, you can easily utilize all the previous features like help me write in Gmail and help me design slides through an easy side panel in the applications. You can then chat with Gemini and ask it to summarize, analyze, and generate content, all while leveraging content from your emails, documents and more, without leaving the application you're in.

It will also give you contextual relevant prompts while working so that you can easily utilize Gemini to help you in your documents without having to think about the perfect prompt to write.

The side panel will utilize the full power of the Gemini 1.5 Pro model, which has a longer context window and more advanced reasoning. Giving it the capability to give more insightful and accurate responses based on way larger datasets. Like highlighting the key points from a meeting that you have recorded. 

As mentioned, it can leverage the data in your documents, meaning that let's say for instance you have a meeting at a client's office with one of your colleagues, who asks you what the agenda is of that meeting through an email. You can then ask Gemini while still in the Gmail app something like “What is the meeting agenda with x business listed in @business meeting at x” where it will promptly insert it into your email without you having to look for the document and insert copy paste it in your mail.

When you're on the go, you’d rather not read a long email on your small phone screen, luckily for you, next month for all Gemini for Workspace and up subscribers, Gemini will be coming to your Gmail app. Helping you analyze email threads and summarize the key highlights in your Gmail app.

You have had the option to quickly reply in Gmail for a while now, but more often than not, a simple “Sounds good” is not enough. Gemini will be able to give a Contextual Smart Reply, which will offer longer detailed suggestions that will be able to give the full intent of your message. Making it so you don't have to slave away on your tiny screenwriting an appropriate reply. Giving you thoughtful reply options like the one-tap system you know from Gmail now. This will be coming to Workspace labs on mobile and web starting in July.

Additionally coming to the Workspace Labs on mobile and web in 2 months is Gmail Q&A. With this function, you can ask Gemini to search your inbox for things like “When is the upcoming performance report due.” or even more complex questions which will gather information from multiple emails in your inbox, like “Compare the quotations from different vendors for their custom merchandise costs.” And then you will quickly have the information you need for a quick reply without leaving the app or the email you're drafting.

Daily we go from one document to another, copy-pasting data, reformatting, and other boring tasks that are just part of the job. Well, part of the job for now.

Let's say through Gmail Q&A you found your vendor where you will be ordering your merchandise. Every month you have to refill your stock, meaning you will have to organize those quotations every month as well, and at the end of the year, see what you have spent on the merchandise.

Luckily for all of us, soon Gemini will be able to “organize and track” these quotations, where it will automatically store them all (prior and coming) for you in your drive and organize them in sheets. In those sheets, you can use Gemini through Data Q&A to give you a  detailed analysis of things like “How much did we spend on current assets last year.” or “How much did we spend on merchandise last quarter.” This game changer will be released to Labs users later this year.

This is just a tiny bite of what Gemini AI will be able to do in Workspace and other Google apps. If you're not yet utilizing this powerful tool, you're in luck, because that's where we come in. Make sure you don't just have access, but the best support as well.

To find out more about how we can transform your business using Gemini contact Barack.