On April 9 in Las Vegas, Google hosted their Next ‘24 event. Showcasing all their upcoming plans for their Google products. Here are some of the key updates coming to Google Workspace this year!

A lot of the new features coming to workspace will be AI powered, one of them is Google Vids, this AI powered video creation app will sit alongside docs, sheets and slides. Helping you create storyboards after which, when you choose a style, it will put together your first draft made from stock videos, images and background music. It will also help you with the voiceover, whether it's one of the preset ones or using your own. This feature will be released in Workspace Labs in June. Gemini Ai will also be coming to Google Chat in preview, giving you your personal AI assistant to summarize conversations, answer questions and loads more.

There will be a new AI meetings and Messaging add-on aimed at streamlining your processes, and communications with people speaking different languages. Some of these are, Take notes for me, where, as the name suggests, an AI will take notes of the meeting for you and be able to summarize the key points of the meetings, meaning you can focus on the meeting instead of taking notes, in other words with this feature, you can leave your pen and paper in your drawer! Also there will be a translate function which will be able to live translate your meetings, and translate your chats with support for 69 different languages.

Using LLMs Gmail can now block 20% more spam. Making sure that not only your inbox stays clean, but also that you will not be wasting your time reading spam mails. In tandem with this, gmail will be able to evaluate 1,000 times more user-reported spam daily! In addition, Gmail’s DLP controls and classification labels will be extended and are currently in beta, making sure that your data is well protected.

On the move and want to send out a quick email? With voice prompting and instant polish, you can write and send emails on the fly with voice input through the help me write button, you can also convert rough notes straight to a complete email with just one click of the button.

polish gmail.jpg

In the coming weeks, Google will be releasing features in making organizing your data and Docs easier than ever before. In sheets, the new feature will allow you to organize your data with a sleek design, with all new templates, whether its project management to event planning, its got you covered. You can automate alerts based on custom triggers in your sheets so that no change goes unnoticed.

project tracker Sheets.png

With tabs in Docs, you will be able to organize information in one single document, so no need to link through to several different documents or scouring your drive for that one document. Another feature available now is that you can put full-bleed cover images to your blogs, spanning one edge of your browser to the other making your reports in Docs sleeker than ever before.

tabs in doc.png
full bleed cover Docs.jpg