Empower your retail banking digital transformation through a contemporary data strategy, and create unforgettable banking experiences.

Conventional data warehouses are ill-equipped to manage the current surge in financial data, conduct advanced analytics, or expand rapidly and cost-efficiently. Consequently, many retail banking professionals face operational complexities and struggle to innovate. 

Enter BigQuery, a modern, fully serverless data warehouse, designed to tackle your present analytics needs by providing lightning-fast, real-time, and predictive insights, all while effortlessly scaling to accommodate your growing data requirements.

Branch Operations

Enable relationship managers and digitize the customer experience.

Reporting & Compliance

Simplify regulatory reporting, FDIC compliance, and support BSA/AML compliance with integrated data.

Risk Management

Improve fraud detection, streamline Know Your Customer operations, and optimize liquidity positions.

Customer Management

Optimize customer service and operations, and tailor marketing efforts to individual preferences.

New Products

Introduce new offerings through APIs and harness the power of predictive analysis.

BigQuery is Google Cloud's highly scalable enterprise data warehousing solution, expediting your journey to valuable insights through advanced data management and analytics capabilities, ultimately enabling teams to extract actionable insights at an accelerated pace.

With Incentro Africa’s expertise across Africa and the EMEA region, you can jump-start your data warehouse modernization with Google Cloud’s easy-to-use tools.

Machine learning (ML) and predictive analytics

BigQuery enables you to create pre-configured machine learning models, produce predictive intelligence, and enhance customization.

Lower your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

With BigQuery, you can reduce your company's total cost of ownership by 26-34% over a three-year period.

Expansion and efficiency

With BigQuery, you get to examine intricate data at any magnitude; you analyze complex data at any scale.

Security and Compliance

BigQuery’s robust security ensures that data is encrypted at rest and in transit, therefore making sharing of data across business units easier and more secure.

Processing of streaming data made easier

With BigQuery, you can run real-time analytics with various types of data from multiple sources.

Incentro Africa is the foremost Google partner and the exclusive Work Transformation Enterprise Specialist catering to businesses in over 35 African countries. Leveraging Google Cloud's dependable infrastructure, Incentro Africa provides comprehensive support to leading financial institutions through various solutions, encompassing infrastructure management, data analytics, risk management, and optimization.

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