Our collaboration has empowered Copia Kenya with data-driven decision-making and improved business outcomes.

Mike King - CTO, Copia Kenya
Dennis De Weerd - Sales Director, Incentro Africa

Copia Kenya, the leading e-commerce platform for middle- to low-income consumers in Kenya, faced a pressing challenge: a dire need for better access to data. The lack of flexible reporting channels was a bottleneck for efficient business operations. Copia had the data across several channels that led to teams reading from several sources. This led to decisions based on inaccurate accounts of what was happening and in turn, would lead to business decisions that were based on sub-optimized data. Decisions that had aggressive timelines and enormous business impact. Their objective was clear - they needed a solution that would allow all teams to have access to the same structured data at any given time and they needed it quickly. 


Incentro Africa, in collaboration with Copia, tackled this challenge head-on. The requirements were aggressive from the beginning, and both sides invested in highlighting the scope of work. The teams on both ends came together to understand the job that needed to be done. This was the first step in creating true business value for Copia. Once a clear understanding of precise business requirements was agreed upon - the real work could begin. 

Dennis, from Incentro, emphasized the importance of mutual trust in making this project a success. “This collaborative approach went beyond the scope of the project, a unique feature that sets Incentro apart from other partners. It was not just about delivering a service; it was about forming a lasting partnership and delivering the best solution to Copia’s data problem. 


The result was nothing short of impressive. Using Google Cloud’s Looker, Copia was able to generate Looker reports and match finance revenue calculations that traditionally took a lot of time and resources. Real-time analytics of costs became possible, allowing Copia to react quickly to shifts in pricing and logistical challenges. The ability to self-serve meant a significant reduction in the number of man-hours, freeing up time for more strategic activities.

The key result that stands out is the 10-week rapid implementation of Looker, a process that traditionally would have taken several months. Copia now has a greater awareness of data and data quality, a vital asset for informed decision-making.


The impact of this collaboration is evident in Copia's ability to increase product margins by 2%. Access to data allowed them to make informed decisions, resulting in this substantial margin improvement. 

Incentro's approach to collaboration, emphasizing mutual trust and extending our efforts beyond the project's scope, has created a partnership that has gone beyond just a service provider. Copia and Incentro Africa continue to grow together to unlock the full potential of data needed for business success.

This success story showcases how Copia Kenya, with our support, embraced modern tools, flexibility, and speed to harness the opportunities presented to them. The partnership allowed Copia to make data easily accessible, gain greater insights into their business, and act more quickly than ever before. 

The impact is clear - a more data-driven and responsive Copia, ready to seize opportunities and overcome challenges with confidence in an instant. 

Products Used:
  • Google Workspace (App Scripts)

  • Google Cloud - Looker, BigQuery and DataStream

About Copia Kenya:

Copia Kenya is the leading e-commerce platform for middle- to low-income consumers in Kenya, committed to making e-commerce accessible to everyone. They offer a wide range of products and focus on community-building and supporting local suppliers.

About Incentro:

Incentro Africa, a leading Google Premier partner with over two decades of experience, is at the forefront of enabling digital transformation across Europe and Africa. With strategically located offices in Nairobi, Kigali, and Johannesburg, we offer a comprehensive suite of Google Cloud services, including Chrome Enterprise, Google Workspace, and other custom-built solutions that drive productivity and ensure a substantial return on investment. Our commitment to customer-centricity is supported by proven change management, adoption, and support programs that are tailored to your specific needs. Incentro Africa is your trusted partner on the journey of digital transformation, which is pivotal to business success in Africa. Our unique blend of local expertise and global innovation equips clients with the tools to embrace digital technologies, fostering growth, efficiency, and competitiveness.

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Copia Kenya, in collaboration with Incentro Africa, overcame data accessibility challenges and achieved a rapid 10-week implementation of Google Cloud’s Looker. This transformative project allowed Copia to make informed decisions, increase product margins, and become more data-driven and responsive.