Atlassian Get Inspired

7th of june 2018 | Lijm & Cultuur, Delft

Sorry, this event is canceled!  

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Do you use Jira for your backlog, Confluence for your documentation and Bitbucket for your code? Congratulations, you have selected the best available tools for the job! But did you know that with the Atlassian suite, this can be the beginning of something even better? With unparalleled versatility, there is seemingly no limit to what processes you can automate or what values you can unlock. In just one evening, we will give you many examples of how to do just that.

Atlassian offers many different products and, if that wasn’t enough, it also has a marketplace with thousands of add-ons. So how can you use them to suit your needs? Atlassian experts and product advocates will inform you with inspiring talks about some common tools, and you can also dive deeper afterwards. To top it off, Rainforest Alliance will share how they solved traceability with Atlassian in ways you wouldn’t imagine possible. If you want to be inspired, this is the perfect night for you!

here’s what we’ll do

  • 17:30 Doors open
  • 18:00 Dinner
  • 19:00 Get Inspired Talks!
  • 20:00 Get Inspired Meets!
  • 20:30 Drinks!

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location Lijm & Cultuur, Delft
speakers will use the Pecha Kucha method
planning June 7th, 5.30 p.m. - 9.30 p.m.

here’s who you’ll hear

Hermance Ndounga- Atlassian

Hermance obtained her Masters’ in Industrial System Engineering in France. For 3 years, she worked at Ubisoft as a Collaboration Tool Specialist where she was responsible for setting up Confluence and Sharepoint spaces, as well as Jira projects and ServiceNow desks. She joined Atlassian in 2017 as a Product Advocate helping evaluators understand the features, functionalities and best practices for using Confluence, Stride and Hipchat.

Hermance Ndounga

Ronald van Marissing – Rainforest Alliance

After a study Information Technology and executing roles from system administrator to project manager has found a perfect combination of delivering technical know-how and thrive for a sustainable world at Rainforest Alliance. Currently works on projects for RSPO (Round table sustainable palmoil) and Unilever. Uses the role as Atlassian User group Leader to spread the Lean and Agile way of working.

Micha van Toornburg – Incentro

Every team has a mission! As an Atlassian consultant, Micha is constantly looking for ways to implement tools like Jira and Confluence in order to let teams succeed. By visualising raw data, automating administrative tasks, and building dynamic overviews teams can focus on their mission, optimize workflow processes and create self-management.

Micha van Toornburg

Ricardo Caeiro – Incentro

Keeping up with the latest releases is quite a job. As a technical consultant, Ricardo provides support throughout the different stages of the application lifecycles such as design, development, implementation, roll-out and adoption of high-quality solutions for the Atlassian toolset. By facilitating customer discussions; to discover key business requirements, he provides experienced guidance to get to the established best practices.

Ricardo Caeiro

Coen van den Berg – Incentro

The Atlassian suite offers many different tools for many different challenges. As the account manager of the Atlassian proposition Coen is here to help you find your way through all the tools. From getting the first Jira solution to helping you optimize Confluence for your teams, Coen is here to help!

Coen van den Berg

Reinier van Scherpenzeel – Incentro

Teams being awesome! That’s what drives Reinier. And there is a lot that can be said about teamwork and the role of the individual. As agile & self-organization coach Reinier is constantly on the lookout how to improve teamwork and align teams within organizations to reach new heights!

Reinier van Scherpenzeel

Marcel van Brakel – Incentro

Devops should be a second nature, this is something more and more developers and companies are starting to understand. As devops architect and advocate Marcel has set his goal to create dynamic environments to facilitate and optimize development teams. Making sure IT empowers the business instead of slowing it down.

is this right for you?

Are you bored with general, vague talks about Jira, Confluence or other Atlassian products? Do you still have a nagging feeling that things could be even more awesome? Then yes, this is for you!


Lijm & Cultuur (Glue & Culture)
Chemie Building
Rotterdamseweg 272
2628 AT Delft
Free parking on site